Thursday, April 7, 2011

Whose minding the store?

Greetings good citizen,

One thing leads to another, right? In yesterday’s post I posed the question of who supports/dreams up these bizarre/destructive initatives proposed by the Republicans.

Today we take that mind bending thought to the next level…

Who’s minding the store?

Once upon a time good citizen ‘redundancy’ was built into the system to prevent precisely this sort of thing from occurring.

As any accountant will tell you, redundancy is…expensive. How ironic is it that eliminating redundancy is also the, er, ‘quickest’ way to add to the bottom line?

There must have been an awful lot of ‘hundred year storms’ because all of a sudden every epic fail is being sold as a ‘hundred year event’.

Yes, good citizen, this is what happens when you both off shore AND crush the competition so alternatives are reduced to ‘nil’.

Shortage of Japanese Parts Puts U.S. Economy at Risk

“If you go to most small- and medium-sized factories in this country in particular, you are going to see a wealth of foreign made machine tools many of which are coming from Japan,” Tonelson tells Aaron in the accompanying interview. “[Therefore] if we have supply chain disruptions due to the Japanese earthquake … that is likely to affect much of the advanced high-value manufacturing sector because these machine tools and bearings and forgings, etc. are such an integral of advanced manufacturing today.”

Again, once upon a time the US WAS the world’s leading machine tool manufacturer…but the ‘rebuilding’ of Japan changed all that…and make no mistake about precisely WHO rebuilt Japan, it was US Capitalists who were even then anxious to ‘escape’ the ‘high cost’ of domestic labor.

This lead to the totally ficticious Finance Sector that specialized in defying logic and thumbing their noses at disaster.

Rather than hang these assholes we should impale them all…just a suggestion, ya know?

Although I still think ‘exile’ is the ultimate form of, er, ‘retribution’, especially exiling them with no one but those who are ‘just like them’.

‘Poetic Justice’ at its sweetest.

Ever wonder what a world full of ‘one-way, dead end streets’ would look like?

Not too pleasant considering the self-important’s normal ‘aversion’ to both suffering and forebearance.

By contrast, impaling is almost more ‘humane’.

But I digress…there are more ‘disturbing developments’ to consider.

Just as the push to fabricate ‘robotic soldiers’ should frighten any rational individual, we have this offering straight from the pages of Orwell’s 1984 to ponder:

“Drugs that affect our moral thinking and behaviour already exist but we tend not to think of them in that way,” he says. “[Prozac] lowers aggression and bitterness against environment and so could be said to make people more agreeable. Or oxytocin, the so-called love hormone … increases feelings of social bonding and empathy while reducing anxiety. Scientists will develop more of these drugs and create new ways of taking drugs we already know about.”

Which leads us to ponder the possibility of whether or not the 30,000 strong Tea Partiers are in fact the ‘test subjects’ of modern behaior modification research?

Leading to truly mystifying question of who, in their right mind, would even ADMIT to being Republican?

The ones who do (openly admit it) are definitely NOT in their right mind.

But it’s okay if you’re a Republican!

Worse good citizen (and I know I’m always pointing to the ever ‘darker side’ of the situation) is I am not alone in questioning the sanity of both our so-called ‘leaders’ and the plutocrats they suck up to.

Although Jesse does set the bar considerably lower…

I am not sure it is Bernanke that is killing the middle class, as much as they are committing suicide to please the top one percent, and differentiate themselves from the poor, who they see as hopeless victims. Nothing else explains why ordinarily intelligent people spout slogans and support ridiculous notions and theories that are designed to reduce themselves and their own children to perpetual servitude. The politicians and pundits are obviously paid to say and act as they do. But why do the many willingly march to their own doom?

Is this our ‘eureka’ moment good citizen?

That the ‘usual’ successors to the current elite have elected to commit suicide rather than to face off against against those who would crush them?

Under ‘normal play’ the, er, ‘upper middle class’ would be leading the charge against rather than playing the ‘lapdog’ to the rapacious rich.

What’s wrong with these people? Don’t the have what it takes or have the elite finally ‘smartened up’ and chosen their subordinates with greater care?

Who’s to say how short a leash most of them are on?

Making that article on behavior modification that much more, er, ‘sinister’.

It also makes one wonder what Huxley (of A Brave New World fame) was wise to? Was his ‘prediction’ of Soma prophetic or, like the fountain of youth, are we talking about ‘quest’ that persists to this day?

How sad is it good citizen that the two most common technological advances remain as ‘longevity’ being number one followed closely by ‘behavior modification’ as number two?

Considering both are a massive waste of brainpower…if you’re not a megalomaniac.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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