Tuesday, April 5, 2011

No way out

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While the corporate media spews its incessant stream of continous ‘happy talk’, the fact remains that NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE to repair the ‘economic imbalances’ that are tearing human civilization apart.

Note I am not singling out Western or Eastern civilization as global commerce is So intertwined these days there is literally no place to hide.

Which is another way of saying there will be ‘no survivors’.

You can imagine what the reaction would be if the corporate owned media came right out and admitted this obvious fact…we’d finally see for ourselves that the normally complacent US Public does indeed know how to ‘riot’.

Um, it is, er, ‘unhelpful’ to point out that since the problem is ‘unsolvable’ using conventional methods that the choice has been made to, er, ‘ignore’ the problem as long as posssible.

Guess what? Time’s up!

You can only keep ‘life support’ going for so long before it causes the whole scheme to collapse.

It’s that all out and no in thing that eventually leaves you with an empty bag.

We’ve been running on less than nothing for more than three years, how much longer we’re going to be able to keep up the ruse is answered as ‘not much’.

Worse, the ‘budget battle’ I predicted would end up in a ‘failed government’ is upon us. It is no longer a question of ‘if’ the bastards will shut down the government but for how long?

I find it curious that the stock market has ‘recovered’ most of its losses while the real economy continues to lie in tatters, how the hell does Wall Street ‘justify’ this?

Because they said so.

And what do you suppose is going to happen when people stop believing what Wall Street says?

You read it here first; it won’t be pretty. How will you know? Mr. Merchant will no longer accept your ‘greenbacks’, he’ll demand something of ‘comparative value’ instead.

Understand good citizen, people are already thinking ‘these guys are full of shit’ when it comes to Wall Street, it won’t be long before they are ‘marginalized’ out of existence.

Those foolish enough to stick around after the ‘jig is up’ that is.

This is definitely a situation where you don’t want to be ‘the last man standing.’

Anyway, we have this article from the Automatic Earth for your consideration which begs the question of what do you do when there’s No way out

The massive U.S. debt problem that we have been discussing so often for many years has now become widely known both to investors and the general public. It has been a major topic of discussion in the media as well as a key issue in last November's elections.

To take just one recent example, Gregg Fleming, the head of Morgan Stanley, Smith Barney, stated on CNBC that the total debt (including government, individual, corporate, and financial institutions) in the U.S. has increased by over $40 trillion since 1984 [which was, coincidentally, the beginning of Saint Ronnie’s second term] ($11 tn to $52.4 tn).

He stated that, in his opinion, the unusually sluggish recovery we are now experiencing is a result of the deleveraging of this debt. Furthermore, he did not even mention the "impossible to keep" promises that have been made by our federal government for entitlements, and by state and local governments' for health care and pensions. If these were included it would increase this country's total obligations to over $150 trillion.

You’ve heard both sides of the ‘entitlement’ argument, understand that the 150 trillion dollar figure is a ‘projection’ of what the debt will become if ALL members of the Baby Boom generation survive until they’re 75 years old!

It should also be obvious that the ‘fuck you, pay me’ system is ripping us off! Our entire healthcare system is riddled with prices that have no basis in reality, which is what the conservatives are basing their projections on.

Sadly there is ‘no way out’…short of revolt!

Prices won’t return to ‘realistic’ levels until we force them to.

If you have time, read Ilargi’s commentary above the linked article if you want a good chuckle.

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