Sunday, April 3, 2011

Not for nothing...

Greetings good citizen,

I have long ‘bemoaned’ (whined, vetched, you get the picture…) the base ‘dishonesty’ resorted to by the government when it comes to economic reporting.

As I, er, ‘predicted’ when this whole shit-storm started, the infamous ‘they’ (I have a brother-in-law this vague term drives insane…and you guessed it, he’s a conservative.)

Little exercise in logic here, do any of you REALLY not know precisely who ‘THEY’ are?

Anyway, if we take the ‘plutocracy’ and our ‘captive government’ as ‘givens’, it is THAT ‘they’ we’re referring to, the ones who have gained great fame by putting a ‘positive spin’ on every reported news item. Them fuckers there…yeah, those ones!

It is ‘those fuckers’ who, as predicted, have (via blatant looting of the Treasury through the Federal Reserve.) er, ‘engineered’ a THIRD CONSECUTIVE ‘JOBLESS RECOVERY’.

Not to belabor the obvious but what, precisely, is a ‘jobless recovery’?

We’re told the stock markets continue to climb because of economic activity ‘elsewhere’.

The problem with that LIE is THE WHOLE FUCKIN’ PLANET IS ON ITS ASS!

There isn’t a single ‘economic indicator’ that explains the otherwise irrational rise in stock prices, it’s all been ‘quantative easing’!

This brings us full circle to the issue of who, precisely, ‘owns’ 99% of all available stock and what is it, precisely, the stock markets tells us besides how rich the already wealthy are?

‘Stock valuations’ have NO BASIS IN REALITY, but you knew that, right?

Let’s shift perspectives here for a moment and ask another simple question, given what passes for ‘wealth’ in our fucked up system, why are YOU busting your ass (basically for nothing)?

The only thing you ‘get’ for your efforts is the, er, ‘opportunity’ to return the next day for even more abuse.

And you do/put up with it BECAUSE the alternative is even worse.

Now how much does that SUCK?

But I ‘preach to the chior’ as far as the wretchedness of our circumstances is concerned.

You all know intimately the degradation we must all endure for the, ‘luxury’ of living indoors and eating regularly.

Which is precisely what a psychopathic Libertarian considers such basic human rights, they are a luxury (that you don’t deserve!)

But we shouldn’t be too surprised, many ‘famous’ scholars ‘couldn’t concieve’ of society without slavery.

How ironic is it that they also ‘couldn’t concieve’ themselves as slaves?

They, like their Libertarian/Conservative counterparts were much ‘too valuable’.

If these ‘worthys’ were made slaves, who would concoct bullshit like this?

It would be useless to rage over such trivia. We are into the THIRD YEAR of the fucking (but they don’t dare admit) ‘New Normal’, so naturally the ‘unemployment rate’ is falling.

They don’t pay benefits ‘forever’…which is going to cause some deadly serious problems in the not too distant future.

The ‘sand in the ointment’ here is the, er, ‘inference’ that hiring is actually ‘up’ (again, somewhere…likely over the damn rainbow!)

Again, it’s the ‘new normal’, I remember there being pages and pages of help wanted ads, now ALL of the help wanted doesn’t fill a half a page!

Understand, that was ‘prior’ to the Internet. For all of the strides we’ve made, there still isn’t a computer in EVERY household, so telling us that there are thousands of jobs ‘online’ (which nobody keeps up to date) is worthless.

Of course, if you WANT TO WORK ‘bad enough’ you can find a computer that you can use to search for work.

Naturally, there is no correlation between ‘wanting to work and the availability of work’.

Yet another ‘sticking point’ that has deadly potential for the not too distant future.

Speaking of which, the US media is sticking with its story that the ‘revolts’ sweeping the Arab world are an expression of the strong desire for ‘democracy’ (as opposed to ‘freedom from oppression’ which is definitely NOT the same thing.)

Worse, it is the ‘tipping point’ where the global economy will first come unraveled. It’s more than a bit ironic that the greatest source of wealth in our modern world is located in such an economically repressed region.

Which is not to say there isn’t a reason for this, albeit a feeble and racist one…but the ones with the guns makes the rules!

Which is to once again point out that war IS NEVER ‘the answer’.

Not for nothing good citizen but I can’t help but notice that our own house is in a serious state of, er, ‘disarray’.

The collective ‘we’ need to get our shit together and put the brakes on the idiots who are driving our civilization over a cliff (largely to escape prosecution!)

Hard to say what’s sadder, the fact that it is this obvious or that we aren’t doing anything about it?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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