Monday, April 18, 2011

What do you KNOW?

Greetings good citizen,

Today’s Alternet carried an interesting story questioning President Obama’s progressive credentials

Make no mistake about it good citizen, the regular people of this nation haven’t had a ‘friend’ in the Oval Office since LBJ refused a second term.

It’s interesting, in retrospect, to note that every Democratic president since LBJ has SUCKED! Perhaps it is more interesting to note WHY they sucked. They sucked because they were conservatives with a fucking D after their name!

No irony should be lost on the fact we are suffering the same problem today.

It is neither sour grapes nor racial resentment that inform us unequivocally that ‘Yes we can = more of the same!’

Which is to point out that it is NOT credible that we ‘misunderstood’ Mr. Obama or that he ‘failed to grasp’ the mandate he received when he was elected.

It’s ‘expected’ that Mr. Obama would run for re-election…but it is ‘unconscionable’ to actually re-elect him, given his performance to date.

A cartoon could beat him! Pick the most pathetic/hated democrat you can think of and they are a shoo-in to win the oval office in 2012…largely because the Republicans make no bones about being on the side of the corporate ‘enemy’. It is telling that there are no ‘real’ Republican candidates in the running as of this time.

Three jobless recoveries in succession is all the ‘evidence’ you need to know that the Republican worshipped commercial sector is NOT YOUR FRIEND!

Worse, the harder you ‘suck-up’, the worse your situation becomes. You know as well as I that the time has come to start hitting back!

It is the only ‘language’ they respect.

Fuel prices are expected to eclipse the $4 dollar a gallon mark this summer making anything even resembling an ‘economic recovery’ DOA.

Is $4 a gallon gasoline a ‘game changer’? It sure is when we’re dealing with a minimum wage that doesn’t come close to meeting and individual’s basic needs and the only sector of the economy showing any sign of life at all are minimum wage/part-time jobs.

What ‘economic recovery’ are these assholes talking about? Are they talking about the recent uptick in sales at ‘high end’ retailers?

The rich are getting richer (at our expense) and they’re spending it too…but you can’t be making economic projections by looking solely at the upper two percent of the income distribution because the picture your get is obviously ‘tainted’.

Speaking of ‘tainted data’ we have this more than somewhat ‘slanted’ piece coming out of China.

Inflation in China Poses Big Threat to Global Trade

Geez, Louise, you don’t suppose the threat to global purchasing power is being ‘manufactured’ (like the impossible ‘cheaper there’) by the lying, cheating financial sector, do you?

Which is to point out that the above question could be phrased differently. Are we really seeing ‘rising prices’ in China or are we seeing shrinking value being applied to our own currency because the end result is the same either way!

That said it’s time to shift mental gears once again as we return to the subject of politics as it relates to economics:

We’ve tried madness, and it hasn't worked.

Terms Of Engagement: Let's be clear, all the noise about budgets and debt and deficits and entitlements is not about the size of the government, nor about the role of the government in our lives. It is all about how much more money the rich are going to squeeze out of the rest of us. It is about redistributing the money upwards and the pain and suffering downward. And they will keep doing it until we the people stop them.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, we get this which begs the question of when is martial law not martial law? When the Republicans tell us it isn’t.

Did I mention that the collapse of our civilization proceeds apace?

If you really want something to fret about, visit The Automatic Earth and view the video by Mr. Decarbonnel. I keep using the ‘fraud’ tag for good reason.

Cheating the system only proves the system is broken.

We could have engineered out the flaws that have caused so much misery long ago if the self-interested had been denied access to the process.

And don’t ask ‘how would we do that?’ The answer lies in the human anti-exploitation law, which makes it illegal for any human to earn their living off of the efforts of any other.

Yeah, that whole buying and selling bullshit goes right out the window! (And saves the planet in the process!)

Either we do this voluntarily or Mother Nature will make us do it…or (and there’s always another choice) we perish as a species. This is why I advocate exile, it’s the natural choice for those who ‘can’t conceive’ of a society without slaves! If you just can’t come to grips with the idea of cooperation then you would be free to enslave the like-minded!

Just understand that they, like you, think they are ‘too good’ to be the slave of another.

And an ‘employee’ is just another name for a slave.

There is another way; it has just never been tried.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,



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