Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Still waiting...

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Today’s first offering would be incomplete without prefacing the story with the fact that the crisis is going on its fourth birthday and there still hasn’t been been a single thing done to correct the problem

In fact, it has become a recurring theme throughout the blogosphere.

What are we doing wrong that we are unable to elect a single individual capable of standing up and jailing the criminals that are raping this country?

Are Mr. Prince’s forces so efective that the US military is no match for them?

We can only imagine it must be so. More the pity that they’re on the public payroll, isn’t it?


The first case study focuses on Washington Mutual (WaMu), the nation’s largest savings bank, and its overt strategic decision to go big into selling high risk, high profit mortgages. Here you will find a detailed description of every type of dangerous mortgage foisted onto the public. Your blood pressure also will climb when you read how the bank used focus groups to help its mortgage brokers find better ways to sucker customers into risky mortgages even though the applicants had qualified for and wanted safer fixed-rate mortgages. [criminal activity that went (naturally) unprosecuted]

The report also details outright fraud committed by brokers – forging documents, making phony loans, stealing money – who then got rewarded again and again by the bank for their high sales records, even after they were caught! Nobody cared because the loans quickly were sold to Wall Street – the riskier the loan, the higher the interest rates and the more Wall Street would pay.

The part that should disturb most of you is how this all occurred ‘eyes wide open’, the fuckheads KNEW what would happen and did it anyway!

And we STILL can’t find a blessed soul willing to prosecute these criminals?

Well, no matter…few will escape when the lynching starts.

And maybe that’s the only way anyone connected to this clusterfuck will pay the price.

But considering the consequences, it won’t be near harsh enough.

Our children have been deprived of the nation they were born into. It is up to us to give it back.

The Galts of the world need to pay for their ‘myopia’.

How ironic is it that those who believe the world wouldn’t survive without them completely miss how much better off the world would be without them?

Nobody needs a self-centered tyrant, nobody.

That said, nobody is well served following the advice of the clueless.

Why do foreigners come up with stupid ideas (and pretend they are life altering revealations?) Why does the MSM keep granting them column space?

If your experiencing problems with your budget knothead’s here to tell you that you’ve been doing it all wrong!

Forget Frugality: Focus on Earning More

[Ramit Sethi runs the Web site I Will Teach You to Be Rich.]

Why is it that 99% of the time the ‘secret formula’ involves getting saps to send you money so you will ‘reveal’ to them the secret of success, (which is conning saps into sending you money so you will reveal the secret of success!)

Or worse, they make insipid suggestions like buying a gold mine, oil well (or other ‘capital intensive’ endeavors one would need to have a lot of money for in the first place…)

Don’t even get me started on the ‘your fortune in Real Estate’ scam…especially now.

Again, shifting mental gears we come to another disturbing revelation about the corporate owned media

If this shit is going on, just how ‘micro-managed’ is the BULLSHIT they fabricate for your consumption?

Sadly, this has been going on for decades…and like the criminal activity, NOBODY DOES ANYTHING about it!

Fuck up on your taxes and they’re on you like white on rice, do 70 in a 65 and expect to cough up big to both the State and the Insurance company, but fuck millions of people out of hundreds of thousands of dollars and you’ll walk away unmolested!

How sad is it that it is considered ‘business as usual?’

Broken record time (another way of acknowledging you’ve read this here before.)

If not YOU, WHO and if not NOW, WHEN?

Injustice serves nobody except the criminal who gets away with their crime.

It is time to restore ‘justice’ to our slender package of civil rights.

Fail this and civilization itself fails.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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