Thursday, April 28, 2011


Greetings good citizen,

In what might be considered ‘odd’ there are no links today becaue there were no particularly compelling articles in the few sources I peruse daily.

While the rising death toll in the south keeps me personally wondering about HAARP (a weather control technology designed by Tesla and built by Raytheon.) I am hesitant to draw unnecessary attention to something I have no proof of it being currently deployed.

Speculate is all I can do. Beyond that I can perhaps draw your attention to the importance of this region as far as the global food supply is concerned.

Tornadoes don’t just kill people.

Voilent storms centered in crop producing regions do ‘double duty’ when it comes to culling the ‘surplus population’.

It would be easy to go off on a tangent here but let it suffice to say the surprising uptick in cyclone related deaths (they have ‘reasonably effective’ early warning systems now) is, er, disconcerting.

It’s days like today that illustrate when the media doesn’t want to tell you anything they just dummy up.

You’d think the Royal Wedding was all that matters to a world ready to break apart due to irrational, reckless financial manipulation…but that’s always going on so it’s not ‘news’.

The fact that they continue to do nothing about it is also ‘non-news’.

Talk about your ‘dangerous games’, none of you realize just how dangerous the situation is and you won’t until it’s too late!

Then you’ll be ‘thunderstruck’.

Because, in your heart of hearts, you believe they ‘wouldn’t dare’ manipulate the value of the ‘be all, end all’!

On that score you’d be sadly, er, ‘mistaken’.

Since we’re headed in that direction I’m going to back up a few inches and recant stating that there was ‘no news’ today…with a link from a couple of days ago…

Soaring Costs Force Some Renters To Choose Between Shelter And Food

If only because it ties into the topic at hand, ‘manipulation of the ‘be all, end all’.

You work for pay, the whole ‘employer/employee relationship is predicated on an employer offering you enough pay so you would be willing to spend you time enriching him rather than yourself.

Not for nothing but employers seem to have ‘forgotten’ this part of the bargain, not that they needed to pay much attention to it because they have succeeded in limiting your ‘options’…significantly.

This is an even more disturbing conundrum when ‘energy’ costs are added in (although I believe the article does point to rising energy costs as being the primary driver of this renewed ‘squeeze’ on the ‘paycheck peasants’.

Is this where all of this is headed? ‘A Vast, Global Online Network of Homeless People’

We may not have anyplace to hang our hats and nuthin’ to eat but hot damn, we’re ‘wired’!

It is a truly sad fact good citizen that if you aren’t ‘plugged in’ you can’t participate.

How ‘astonishing’ is it that even the crappiest mobile phone is capable of both tracking and reporting your whereabouts, ‘on demand’ to the authorities?

Any of you getting creeped out about ‘Big Brother’ breathing down your neck yet?

Or are you already beyond that? Hell, they can’t come after us all at once and they don’t have the space to lock us all up, not yet anyway.

The ‘idea’ behind making the ‘electronic lifeline’ trackable is so after you have been driven to a life of crime, the cell phone/ I pad/tablet will make it ‘easier’ for the cops to find you.

Geez, good citizen, and to think that not so long ago this bullshit would all be the stuff of ‘paranoid delusions’.

You’d be called ‘crazy’ if you even speculated the ‘government’ was following you around via your cell phone…turns out this wasn’t exactly ‘crazy talk’ after all.

I don’t have a cell phone…got that ‘old fogey’ thing about not wanting people to “just reach out and touch me”…(anytime they fucking feel like it, because they can.)

But that’s okay, they can track my car’s whereabouts if they need to find me…which is to point out this is nothing ‘new’…making it, ironically, ‘not news’…

Naturally this leads us to the edge of the ‘slippery slope’ where it becomes of tantamount importance to have secure reins on the people who have access to this kind of information.

The unscrupulous bunch in power now would hang you with your own spit (and make sure you choked to death in the process!)

Never before has so much been placed in peril by so few.

How lucky is it they haven’t figured out how to use this secret data to blackmail us with…yet?

If you’ve got something to hide, I’d be very worried if I were you.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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