Friday, April 8, 2011

Tea Leaves

Greetings good citizen,

It seems I’m not the only one questioning what recent political developments mean to the future of our society.

Not that I’m dissing the rest of the blogosphere, they have issues too (although you have to wonder sometimes just where their priorities lie?)

The ever sharp Jesse provides this, er, ‘commentary’ (which confirms my own [amateur] observations:)

Looked a little wobbly in a relatively wide ranging, low volume day.

The wiseguys are the primarily the ones trading in this market, selling shares back and forth to one another in a Ponzi like manner, and using positioning advantage to skin any specs brave enough to venture in for a trade.

That is why it has a bias to drift higher when nothing happens, but is still a tough market for a non-professional without insider knowledge and tools.

At the first serious whiff of smoke, they will hit the exits and these markets will break hard and fast to the downside. But that's just my opinion and I could be wrong.

There is no sustainable economic recovery. This is opera buffa, a stage managed farce run by the one percent, and for the one percent.

Full stop good citizen.

Either you agree (as I do) with that last comment or you dismiss it as ‘sour grapes’ (before sticking your decidedly teeny head back up your rather capacious backside…)

Some may call Jesse’s remark ‘courageous’ but I suspect he wouldn’t think so, he is merely ‘telling the truth’ (if you can’t handle the truth it’s your problem, not his!)

Yet it is a shining example of that old axiom: In troubled times, telling the simple truth can be a ‘revolutionary act.’

Of course, one man calling out ‘the one percent’ isn’t going to, er, ‘sanitize’ the topmost reaches of society all by itself…but it’s a start!

Yessiree Bob, yesterday’s earthquake in Japan that depressed markets around the globe is, you guessed it, ‘yesterday’s news’.

Understand that global supply lines are shutting down due to the ‘lack of redundancy’ built into JIT, but hey, what do you want from MORONS?

Naturally, they didn’t become idiots UNTIL SOMETHING WENT WRONG and now IT’S TOO LATE to go back and fix things! Worse, ‘adding redundancy’ would probably ‘adversely affect’ your share price so it still WON’T GET DONE!

Which, bizarrely, brings us full circle to the STUPIDITY of basing ALLof your decisions on WORTHLESS MONEY!

But I (naturally) digress…

The, er, ‘theme’ of today WAS the unusual degree of agreement in the media (a media normally obsessed with ‘happy talk’) that things are, er, ‘off-course’.

No, that’s not right. The corporate owned media has made no secret that our nation is rudderless, if anything they have worked diligently to muddy the waters as much as possible on this issue.

As far as the media (and more importantly those who ‘own’ the media are concerned) we are as fragmented as it is possible to be, as divided on the issues as to defy logic and that’s the way they like it!

As long as they can convince you that ‘consensus is impossible’ your objections to business as usual are cancelled out by your (likely imaginary) opposite number.

This is how 1 in 5 wins elections!

A mathematical impossibility but IF YOU CAN’T VERIFY, there’s no way to be sure…is there?

Weirder still is how this ‘artificial divide’ CREATED BY THE MEDIA has never boiled over into ‘violence’.

But that day is coming…

What do you suppose will be the most surprising thing about our ‘conservative opposition’?

How many of you will be ‘astonished’ by how few of them turn up?

We’ve already seen it. Conservatives are (and long have been) a decided minority. Their interests are not the interests of the majority…but that’s what makes them ‘special’…

Sadly, not in a good way.

So, for the past quarter of a century we’ve been told (repeatedly) that our ‘diverse’ population has become increasingly ‘ungovernable’.

Since we have become so ‘divided’ on even the simplest of issues, the compromises finally arrived at would be ‘unpopular’ right out of the box.

But what HAS BEEN ‘consistent’ throughout that time frame?

The hollowing out of the nation, the one thing we can ALL agree on…well, not ‘everybody’ agrees, only the ones who trumpet ‘lower prices’ (like it actually means anything!) seem to be ‘heard’ on this issue.

Yes good citizen, the ‘dismantling’ of this nation’s infrastructure has continued ‘unabated’ since the conservative’s ‘return’ from the ‘wilderness’.

How ironic is it that ‘God’ lead them back to power?

Or more specifically, those ‘god fearing’ simpletons.

THIS is what happens when ‘the lessons of history’ are surpressed.

When people aren’t taught that god has been used repeatedly throughout history to justify unspeakable evil; usually with the ‘qualifier’ that said evil was ‘god’s will’.

Hell good citizen, ‘God’s Will’ was the primary justification for ‘the divine right of Kings’ (the ‘divine right’ to commit unspeakable acts against their own subjects and to call those acts ‘blessings’ afterwards, when people objected to being both robbed and raped.)

But they don’t teach that in school anymore…because some ‘holier than thou’ asshole doesn’t want you to know! Your ignorance is their strength!

It’s more than a little frightening to see the conservatives pushing for a ‘Christian nation’ after the founders made it a point to keep religion out of politics…because they knew what centuries of religious influence does to politics.

I know I go ‘off the reservation’ with what some of you might call ‘frightening regularity’…but I do so precisely BECAUSE of ‘the lessons of History’.

We have indeed been here before, there’s no need to fall into the same trap twice!

If not for your own sake then for your children’s…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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