Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Enough is enough!

Greetings good citizen,

Naturally yesterday’s disaster makes for today’s ‘bargains’ (or so goes conventional stock market theory.) let Japan sink into a radioactive hole, did you see the price of widgets amalgamated? Had to jump on that!

Or so the market hustlers would have you believe.

Honestly good citizen if it weren’t for automated payroll retirement fund contributions the stock markets would be ‘flatline’. NOBODY (in his or her right mind) would be buying stock in this economy! Our entire ‘economic model’ ceased working decades ago.

If it seems like there are ‘alternate realities’ out there it’s because there is two very distinct ‘economies’ out there.

And the dividing line between them is stark indeed!

Naturally, those in the infamous middle are confused as to which reality they belong to (as neither ‘belongs’ to them, despite their illusions they are still the ‘hired help’.)

So we are left with the inevitable question of when is enough, enough?

Understand that the morons who already have more than they can spend have no conception of the word except to reject the idea or even the notion that they might already be ‘there’.

Nor do these simpletons understand/care where theirs comes from (it comes from YOU, good citizen!) The math is really quite straightforward here; more for them equals less for you…and if you don’t like it, tough!

Which has increasingly become the standard response to any objections raised by those who must live with the consequences of these decisions.

And if you don’t think these decisions affect you, you are sadly mistaken.

I’m sure most of you don’t BUT if you WERE to stop and think about it for a moment, aren’t things getting more than a little ‘peculiar’?

I’m not talking ‘little green men’ peculiar either; the ‘antics’ of the uber-wealthy are far stranger than that!

Worse, the uber-wealthy pay to have their ‘weirdness’ invade your life! Don’t you have more important things to worry about than Larry wanting to marry Danny?

Same thing with that other lunatic fringe group, the 33,000 member Tea Party. There are other, larger ‘radical’ organizations…it is the bought and paid for corporate media that keeps inserting the teeny-tiny (but Billionaire backed) Tea Party into the national conversation.

Let us not overlook the most important factor here, that the Anti tax ‘Tea Party’ movement is supported by Billionaires! While the nation falls into its own cesspool!

This is hooray for me and fuck you writ large…with the uber rich flipping the rest of us the bird!

But it can’t be helped; it’s what they always do.

So I ask you again, when is enough, enough?

And, naturally, the answer I’m seeking isn’t related to the accumulation of riches but how much more can you stand?

And the answer to that is you (the average individual) is already well beyond ‘pissed off’. The one thing that keeps you ‘in check’ is the total lack of an avenue to even seek a remedy!

This is the downside of a ‘fuck you, pay me’ system, everything, including justice has a price tag!

Making a bad situation worse, the game is still ‘to the highest bidder’, if you want the local pols attention you had best have deep enough pockets to, er, ‘captivate’ it.

Which is to say you (via your PAC) make a six figure campaign contribution to Joe’s campaign fund, but when push comes to shove Joe votes against you because Sam gave him twice as much!

Joe will be quick to acknowledge that he ‘owes’ you, he’ll just try to pay you back some other way. Even if that means *sponsoring legislation that will get you what you want!

(*Not for nothing does a lot of this ‘legislation’ die in committee, never seeing the light of day.) Sort of redefines the old saying ‘you pays your money and you takes your chances…’

Besides being a perfect illustration of what’s wrong with our ‘justice for sale’ system it also shines a stark light upon a society we’d all be better off NOT belonging to.

Although by now we have all gotten used to being laughed at because we’re always getting fucked!

This, ironically, only makes the prospect of turning the tables that much sweeter.

Bringing us full circle to the when is enough, enough? Question.

Our little ‘mental exercise’ above where we ‘buy’ our own politician isn’t feasable, in fact the crooked bastards better watch their step because selling one’s vote to the highest bidder is indeed ‘treason’!

How sad is it that selling one’s vote is also the biggest ‘incentive’ to get into politics in the first place?

As we all know, it takes a ‘special’ kind of person to, er (not) do ‘the people’s work’.

To which I will add the ‘usual’ warning…if we are to survive as a species we MUST dismantle this corrupt edifice ASAP.

Although it does collapse all by itself with frightening regularity…dunno what that tells you!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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