Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mr. Stiglitz sounds the alarm...

The Kabuki shuffle…

Talk about being ‘slow on the draw!’ I bow to Jesse, who has already posted the piece I, er, ‘intended’ to write…thus will I ‘lead off’ with a link to his piece

Naturally, Jesse didn’t say EVERYTHING I want to say so, after reading his brilliant commentary, we can press on.

My original lead story was intended to be a ‘bitch fest’ on the topic of the recent multitude of, er, at best ‘recent arrivals’ that somehow feel ‘qualified’ to tell the rest of us how to ‘fix’ our ailing republic. Sadly, the fact that they even THINK it is ‘repairable’ demonstrates their massive ‘ignorance’…

An ignorance bordering on ‘stupidity’.

But whatever. I think I’m more disturbed by the fact he managed to get by/win over supposedly progressive editors…raising a ‘red flag’ as to what they truly support

Moving on, we have a disturbing look at the Gov’t shutdown ‘averted’ and how the article goes on to say it could still ‘blow-up’. The actual agreement hasn’t even been drafted yet, never mind put to a vote.

‘richocheting’ back to the original topic of our broken justice system we have this article, which asks the question Is executive pay a sign top executives are being ‘bought off’?

here’s the ‘money quote’:

“There has been a massive wealth transfer from middle-class America’s retirement accounts to the bank accounts of the privileged few. The social consequences of this wealth transfer bear scrutiny.”

How many of you remember St. Ronnie declaring us all ‘millionaires’ thanks to the sky high interest we would all earn on our IRA’s?

Naturally, this all ‘ends’ with More self-aggrandizing spin that isn’t what it is being made out to be.

But what do you care about ‘thrift stores’?
No irony should be lost on the fact that these ‘recyclers’ of ‘other people’s trash’ will soon deplete their inventory of ‘gentlely used’ items, causing a crash of epic proportions

What I find, er, curious is the ‘silly money’ the dealers are asking for some downright ancient automobiles? How Stupid will you feel after paying damn near the price of a new car for some decrepit wreck that you can’t even afford to put gas into?

These chiseler’s are still asking five figures for 10 year old pick-up trucks!

My point being that fuel prices are rising again, despite high unemployment and lower overall demand around the globe.

Now look at the double whipsaw of rising fuel prices and rising inflation…throw in stagnant wages and stir well.

It won’t be the first time we’ve played ‘stick ‘em up!’ with the socially clueless but we can hope that we are inching towards ‘the last time’ we will be forced to bow down to economic blackmail.

We CAN fix civilization but I’m unable to even imagine why anybody would want to repair the barbarous system of exploitation we have suffered under for more than 200 years.

You may not like change, hell, you might now want change but one thing is certain, change is coming. If you don’t start making alternatives to choose from, it will be another game of their way or the highway.

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