Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Flying Wheels...

Greetings good citizen,

The ‘lead’ headline on today’s NY Times is about the unrest in Pakistan…but the REAL headline story (which apparently didn’t break until the markets opened, although markets around the world are bleeding from the eyesockets ‘in unison’.)

The exact time Japan raised the ‘threat level’ from its damaged nuclear reactor to 100% isn’t known at this moment. Although if market performance is anything to go by it must have been sometime last night (local.)

So we can only assume that this one caught the night editors napping.

OR we have another example of ‘if disaster were about to strike would they tell us?’

Given the ‘panic’ this would cause, I’d opine that they would…NOT!

Nice how this segues into today’s ‘topic du juor’ of “Are we witnessing the wheels flying off of our crippled civilization?”

Again we have a headline that didn’t make the cut

Worse is the ‘spin’…

Gas prices are approaching record highs, but so far most Americans do not appear to be drastically cutting back their driving or even their spending as they did in 2008.

Prices for a gallon of regular unleaded gas are topping $4 at more service stations nationwide, revisiting the bleak territory of three years ago, when the average price for a gallon of regular gas reached a peak of $4.11 on July 17, 2008, according to the Oil Price Information Service.

[The question below was originally between the other two paragraphs]

The question, economists agreed, is what happens if prices continue to go up and remain high.

Um, tell me true good citizen, is this really the most pressing issue on your mind?

Aren’t you just a bit more concerned about how much quicker this is going to bring on ‘collapse’?

The eight million jobs lost AFTER the economy tanked haven’t come back…are all of those unemployed people, driving around looking for work behind this…sustained usage level?

No good citizen, they aren’t.

The article tells us the answer, the date given for the previous high in fuel prices was THREE YEARS AGO, what we’re seeing is ‘The New Normal’.

People aren’t ‘cutting back’ because those people lost their damn jobs and haven’t found replacements yet.

And as the next article shows us those jobs aren’t coming back

The thing to remember good citizen is this ISN’T the first or the second ‘jobless recovery’ they’ve foisted off on us, it’s the THIRD!

If the other gloom and doom sites are to be believed, we are facing (or will face in short order) ANOTHER ‘financial crisis’ before the summer is over!

This should surprise no one as we all know NOTHING has been done to correct the causes of the LAST financial crisis!

Hell, our pal ‘Flipper’ is still able to take out a ‘liar’s loan’ to buy foreclosed property with!

But hey, no guts, no glory, right? Isn’t that the same reckless attitude that caused the last train wreck?

Which brings us back to my ‘favorite’ whipping boy…mismanagement.

Extend and pretend is a game you can play for just so long, it’s over when you run out of suckers.

Which begs a more pointed question…are you being played for a ‘sucker’?

If you haven’t gotten a pay increase in the last two years you are!

We have seen the news reports of US facilities shutting down because no alternative to parts ‘normally’ produced in Japan is available.

How far do you supposse that will ‘cascade’?

I think you will be amazed at just how far reaching this event will ultimately become.

You know how the parable ‘for want of a nail’ ends, don’t you?

'For want of a nail the war was lost…'

But the fucking ‘beancounters’ dismiss this wisdom as being ‘outdated’.

The evidence speaks for itself good citizen, civilization was built on ‘redundancy’, those who embraced it prospered, while those who didn’t perished.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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