Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Power of Gold!

Greetings good citizen,

There is a plethora of disturbing news this morning but that is to be expected, considering where all this is headed.

I’m going to ‘point to’ a disturbing truth so you will recognize it when you see it but guess what, you’re gonna panic anyway.

Maybe I’ll let the media break the ice for me

Gold breaks 1,500 dollars an ounce!

Guess what followed gold up almost 200 points?

Yup, the damnded Dow!

Understand, gold is rising due to what they are calling a ‘flight to safety’ but it isn’t our extremely mismanaged commercial sector they’re fleeing from (although they should be!) NO, investors are fleeing that bulwark of bulwarks, that safest of all safe havens, the US Dollar!

Now puzzle me this good citizen, if investors are ‘losing confidence’ in the (essentially worthless) US Dollar, shouldn't that loss also translate directly to ‘the generators of those dollars’, the US commercial sector?

How can the stocks of US companies rise while while their currency falls?

Short answer, IT CAN’T!

But the ‘stock market’ is nothing more than smoke and mirrors. It is worse than a crooked casino because all of the ‘games’ are ‘fixed’in the ‘houses’ favor.

And the bought and paid for corporate media has zero interest in telling you the truth, but that’s nothing new.

All of this should make you ask, “why do I live here?” Not that there’s a better place out there that will have you.

How do you like those apples, you’re stuck AND fucked!

How sad is it this isn’t the only, er, ‘nonsensical’ bit of fluff you are regularly expected to swallow?

The stock market makes much more ‘sense’ if you think of it simply as the yardstick that tells us how rich the already wealthy are making themselves.

That’s the ONLY reason stocks rise when the dollar falls.

Of course, this is the same ‘idiot logic’ used when the government measures unemployment. How moronic will it be when ALL jobs have been offshored that the unemployment level will finally reach zero?

Er, ‘calculating’ stocks to rise when the dollar falls is the same twisted logic, when the dollar becomes worthless, stocks will be ‘priceless’!

Doesn’t matter how many times you read it, it still doesn’t make sense…but that’s what they do!

But we digress (believe it or not!)

The real ‘shocker’ here is…

The price of damn gold!

Gold hovered around $200 an ounce for the first thirty years after the ‘gold standard’ was abandoned. (This is a reference point, not an endorsement!)

Then, in the depths of the second ‘jobless recovery’ gold suddenly and inexplicably doubled. Jumping from $200 to 400 an ounce virtually overnight in 2004.

Seven years (and another financial crisis) later and it more than ‘triples’? (almost quadruples!)

Um, does anyone else see a disturbing, er, ‘pattern’ developing here? (Because the corporate media has no interest in ‘investigating’ this ‘non-news’ story!

So, what’s the ‘price of gold’, good citizen?

Whatever they say it is! (And if you get fucked in the process, too bad! You should have been ‘more careful’…)

But more to the point good citizen, letting others decide what is and isn’t valuable (to them) has proven to be catastrophic in the past.

In fact, we’re headed for just such a catastrophy as we speak!

Oil is being ‘undervalued’ while alternatives are being discounted completely!

I read an article predicting $5 a gallon gasoline by the end of the summer. Since gasoline runs pretty much in line with heating oil there are going to be a lot of people freezing to death this coming winter…and there WILL BE RIOTS in anticipation of that event!

Are we ‘off the rails’ good citizen? Most definitely! The cause, which should surprise no one, is ‘mismanagement’.

You must be getting sick of my advocating for A Simple Plan in every piece but the plan was designed with the current situation in mind…and doesn’t depend/hinge on everybody suddenly wanting to join the peace corp or becoming missionaries for ‘spirit in the sky’…

You just keep doing what you do because that’s what you do…until you decide you want to do something else, then you transfer. (I suspect ‘gypsys’ will be fairly common.)

There’ll be plenty of time for ‘doing nothing’ during the regular day or after you turn fifty.

Gold is a soft yellow metal, pretty but otherwise worthless.

Life, on the other hand is ‘priceless!’

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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