Monday, April 11, 2011

A is for Angry...

Greetings good citizen,

What a lovely Spring morning we’re having! The stock market’s up (here in the US if nowhere else) the birds are chirping and the cats are purring.

The presidink has announced he’s going to embark on a new round of budget slashing
and guess what’s on the chopping block?

(Hint: Gitmo will still be in operation long after YOU get stuck for huge co-pays on your medicare!)

Oh, and that ‘plan’ to convert medicare to ‘vouchers for private insurance’ will never happen, the government will have been overthrown by then!

In fact, considering the epic failure of our deeply flawed, ancient form of government has been revealed to be, most citizens will be happy to see it go.

Naturally, this raises the question of what would replace the current inefficient (and tolerant to a fault) mess?

Yes, good citizen, the primary reason we DON’T clamor for the surrender of the current government is the very real prospect that our ‘sloppy, corrupt’ (but comfortable) government will be replaced by a zealous, super efficient one.

Here Bill Mahar hits one out of the park while pointing out an inceasingly common new meme…‘I already got your money dude!’

[You gotta see the video!]

This brings us back to the original question, is the nation really THAT divided?

Understand that if we were to form ‘income based’ teams (everybody who works for a paycheck on one team and everybody who doesn’t on another, the ‘divide’ would be far from ‘equal’.

98% OF PEOPLE WHO WORK get nothing more than their paycheck.

[Qualifier] Those not working would be classified as if they were…leaving the 98-2 split intact.

However, the REASON our current government is failing is because the 2% ‘dominate’ the process…and will, because of their ‘special status’ be inclined to foist off the most draconian and unbalanced replacement they can maneuver into place on short notice…

Hell, they’ve had it waiting in their hip pocket for quite some time now.

You’re gonna laugh when you hear what they intend to do.

The plan is to arm the ‘Jesus Freaks’…

It’s everybody’s worst nightmare and it has a major flaw…let’s start with the ‘Prince of Peace’ aspect that makes it pretty hard to justify killing in the name of mercy.

They’ll stop killing when everybody accepts Jesus as their personal savior!

How sad is it that this is only the first of many ‘conditions’. Once everybody accepts Jesus, they have to stop worshiping him the ‘wrong’ way!

It really gets hairy after this because there are HUGE gulfs between different sects of fundies…but if I’m right, things won’t get that far.

To a rational person this is insane but take a moment to examine what most of us swallow on a daily basis! Is it any less ‘insane?’

The other ‘drawback’ to this scheme is the fact that most ‘mainstream’ Christians aren’t militant, only the Fundies hold such radical views…and they are (fortunately) few in number.

Still, we will find ourselves, at least temporarily, more divided than is healthy during a critical phase of the battle for control of our civilization.

Ironically, the ‘hardcore’ Christians will force us to battle them ‘to extinction’, true believers will accept nothing less than complete victory!

I have zero use for a ‘god’ who would fail to put a stop to this. I have even less use for the people who would stoop so low as to send the gullible to certain death just to buy themselves a little more time!

Remember, our so-called ‘betters’ justify their, er, ‘superiority’ as ‘god’s will’.

Which is to point out that it wouldn’t be the first time the ‘godless’ global corporate interests hid behind their willing servant, the religions of the world.

Not that ‘global markets’ were the desired ‘end result’ of globalization, they weren’t.

The fuck heads in charge KNOW the end of cheap and abundant energy will turn back the social clock not a hundred years but a THOUSAND!

They’re clicking their heels with joy because this means they will all be ‘royalty’ once again.

How bizarre is it that most royals died ‘untimely’ deaths?

Guess you can file this under the ‘careful of what you wish for’ category.

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times, Stupid is as stupid does!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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