Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Over the edge!

Greetings good citizen,

Have a look at at this bullshit and ask yourself ‘Seriously, who voted for this?’

Does it seem like you are living in Crazyville, a place where nothing makes sense and nobody even attempts to explain what’s going on?

I think the progressive blogosphere has the right take on the political Kabuki Theater playing out on the headlines of the nation’s leading newspapers.

Some ‘fucking lunatics’ are doing their damndest to ‘repeal the 20th Century!’

So what’s more disturbing, the fucking lunatics or the fact that they are in a position to pull it off?

I’m confident that no ‘rational individual’ wants what the Republicans are trying to foist off on the nation so why is the (corporate owned) media giving them a pass?

Understand that the Republicans have brought this nation to the brink of destruction, they are the primary cause of the economic desert that has replaced what was the world’s mightiest manfacturering machine…and they did it all for ‘personal greed’!

Now, I know I sound like ‘a broken record’ but there is another name for what took place/is taking place, a technical name, a legal term that is seldom heard anymore.

Because that term strikes fear into the hearts of all who hear it.

Treason is still a charge one does not level ‘lightly’.

You see there’s no such thing as a little treason; a little treason is like being a little pregnant.

One need only look at the economic wasteland that has replaced what once was the world’s leading manufacturing zone and ask, ‘what happened here’?

On the surface it looks like ‘the rust belt’ fell victim to the ‘global race to the bottom’…but is that what really happened? Could no one ‘foresee’ the consequences of shipping all of that work overseas…so ‘a few’ could be rich?

Um, you see there’s another thing about treason, there is no such thing as ‘accidental treason’; treason is ever and always a deliberate act.

We are left holding a stinking bag of slime made for us by the very people who ‘swore’ to put the interests of society ahead of their own…and it’s not like they didn’t reward themselves handsomely for, er, ‘foregoing their global monopolies’.

I’d opine that most of you are at least aware of who did what to whom and some of you even lived through the ‘how’, multiple times.

So how do today’s headlines strike you?

Have you dismissed it as more ‘Republican Theatrics’ or are you disturbed by the fact that the last time a political party went this far off the political map it culminated in Nazi Germany?

Are the 2012 elections starting to look like the staging area for the next civil war?

One thing is certain, you can no longer look at any of this, er, ‘propaganda’ and dismiss it as mere ‘partisanship’.

For decades now the polls have been telling us that a majority of US citizens believe this nation is on ‘the wong track’…and yet no matter who we elect, nothing changes, or worse, things continue to deteriorate!

Hasn’t every president since LBJ been a little worse than the one who preceeded him?

Does this mean it’s ‘finally’ time for a female chief executive?

Believe me what I tell you, we’d be better off electing a Gerbil if who wears the big hat is the only thing we get to change!

Seriously good citizen, take a good look at the cesspool the privileged few are trying to push the rest of us into.

We can’t afford it (and I’m telling you right here and now most people will never stand for it!)

That’s perhaps the other, er, ‘dangerous’ thing nobody is paying attention to. Our civilization is like a pressure cooker that is perilously close to exploding…and yet the bastards keep the heat on full blast!

So nobody should be surprised when the same morons who haven’t said a word about the building pressure pretend to be ‘astonished’ when all hell breaks loose!

What might REALLY astonish them is their very public executions at the hands of the same people they have mislead for so long!

Pissed off is an understatement 99% of the time.

It’s well beyond the ‘oh bullshit!’ stage. Shutting down the government is serious stuff…not that the government has actually done what it was founded to do anytime in living memory…

Naturally I’m refering to the ‘stated purpose’ of government. That ‘protecting the people’ part most people mistaking believe includes them instead of the REAL reason governments are established and that’s to ‘protect the RICH PEOPLE’!

Although ‘rich’ isn’t an accurate descriptor considering the ‘funny’ nature of money, as currency is currently ‘abused’.

Someone once likened society, in particular ‘high society’ to pirates.

Extremes in ruthlessness seem to result in social success, at least in the upper circles.

You land ‘on top’ because of a ‘certain disregard for the rules’, once there, you write your own ticket.

No irony should be lost on the common ‘diagnosis’ for such ‘driven’ individuals being called ‘psychopaths’ but it does go a long way towards explaining the increasingly ‘insane’ nature of our civilization.

I’m gonna let it go now…but YOU shouldn’t.

I just wanted to point out that we are now witnessing ‘gradualism’ in the extreme. A decade ago what is happening around the world right now would be ‘unthinkable’ instead of being generally dismissed as mere ‘political showmanship’…

Just something else to think about…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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