Sunday, April 17, 2011

Figure of Speech

Greetings good citizen,

The destruction of our civilization proceeds apace…which should surprise no one as the first thing thrown overboard during the 'Reagan Revolution' was justice.

That aside, I confess a ‘peculiar attraction’ to oxymorons such as the following article from the NY Times business section:

Distilling the Wisdom of C.E.O.’s

So what will determine who gets the next promotion, and the one after that? Which of them, when the time comes, will get that corner office?

In other words, what does it take to lead an organization — whether it’s a sports team, a nonprofit, a start-up or a multinational corporation? What are the X factors?

Interviews I conducted with more than 70 chief executives and other leaders for Corner Office in The New York Times point to five essentials for success — qualities that most of those C.E.O.’s share and look for in people they hire.

The good news: these traits are not genetic. It’s not as if you have to be tall or left-handed. These qualities are developed through attitude, habit and discipline — factors that are within your control. They will make you stand out. They will make you a better employee, manager and leader. They will lift the trajectory of your career and speed your progress.

Geez, does it look like the reporter missed a critical piece of the puzzle in his list of talents/attributes?

Isn’t it the single most important one too?

You can be a veritable Ghengis Khan, a leader among leaders but you won’t rise up through the ranks is you can’t convince your superiors that you aren’t a ‘threat’ to them.

How do you do this?

By sucking up, of course!

The ‘flaw’ in this particular mirror is it fails to take into account precisely who the CEO is expected to ‘perform’ for.

He/she is not there for the employees (who regularly get fucked over)

He/she is not there for the investors (who got fucked in the first place)

No, the only person who ‘matters’ in the whole ‘chain of command’ is the largest shareowner…who usually appoints themselves as the chairman/woman of the board.

So… how do you gain his/her, er, ‘trust’?

YOU SUCK UP! (In the ‘proper’ manner/degree)

No need to go into the wide variety of or to debate which type of ‘synchopant’ is more/most successful. Let it suffice to say if you aspire to be CEO (without building your own house, a damned difficult proposition; even in the best of times.) One has to master being a first class suck-up.

Not surprisingly, this causes many candidates with ‘the right stuff’ to eschew positions of authority.

So how ‘wise’ is the suck-up when doing a psychopaths bidding?

Stop and look around you for the answer.

Is the world ‘on fire’?

Why do you suppose that is?

Could it be due to spineless synchopants having their one and only defense against outright idiotic recklessness removed from their grasp?

The world didn’t fall apart prior to this because the bootlickers would fall back on the ‘it’s illegal’ defense in refusing to engage in this or that underhanded activity.

How unfortunate for the rest of us that the bootlickers can’t use that tool since the psychopaths bought the justice system?

Once we could speculate as to how long it would be before the proverbial ‘long arm of the law’ caught up to those who operated ‘above the law’.

Now I strongly suspect our civilization will collapse, ‘technically’ wiping the slate clean of crimes committed prior to the new regime taking control.

While there is a slim possibility that advocates of granting a ‘blanket amnesty’ to all crimes committed in the past will open themselves up for, er, ciminal action in the here and now, it is unlikely. Here we return to the ‘invitation only’ nature of the erection of a ‘new’ government.

Since the day when our ‘old’ government will be thrown under the bus is rapidly approaching I would advise you to be afraid, be very afraid!

And if you aren’t a total fool you will also be preparing to fight.

Make no mistake about it, fight now, fight later but fight you will…and if you suck at fighting, more the pity!

So, do CEO’s possess any ‘wisdom’ worth distilling? There’s hardly any evidence to back up that claim.

Now we return to another topic that has far reaching and increasingly disturbing implications

A media that has the average citizen so fucked up they don’t know what to think or why!

The ‘new’ healthcare plan (that has yet to be instituted) IS A CARBON COPY of the plan REPUBLICAN MITT ROMNEY saddled the Bay State with before departing for his presidential run! (And make no mistake about it it has been an unmitigated disaster!) Why IDIOT cowpokes (here’s another oxymoron) THINK democrats are responsible is just as moronic as blaming Clinton for Reagan’s NAFTA!

In fairness, the ‘fucking’ democrats have done next to nothing to impede the corporate takeover of our society.

Yeah, ‘brainwashed’ conservatives believe to this day that Bill Clinton (rather than Newt Gingrich and the first Rebublican controlled congress in over 40 years) was ‘responsible’ for NAFTA.

See what ‘owning’ the muzzle (by controlling the paychecks) of the media produces?

Which is to belabor the obvious, we don’t live in or enjoy ‘freedom’, we don’t deserve ‘freedom’, only ‘owners’ can enjoy freedom!

But I digress!

This particular article points to (of all places in the nation) Wyoming and none other than coal mining as the ‘source’ of the now two year old ‘economic boom’!

If you can’t see what’s WRONG with that picture you’re probably still scouring the first article for some ‘wisdom’ to take away…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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