Saturday, April 2, 2011

What will they do for an encore?

Greetings good citizen,

I apologoze for yesterdays absence but to foul things up properly requires a computer…an item that was ‘under repair’ yesterday.

Seems if you actually load the software that comes with the stupid processor chip it will overheat and shut down, but the ‘generic’ driver supplied by windows works fine so go figure?

Maybe I’m sacrificing ‘performance’ but at least the frigging thing works!

So far I’m rather pleased with the $199 U-Build ‘em, even if the ‘updates’ in technology threw me at first.

I just had an ‘interesting’ stroll down memory lane, ‘visiting’ all of the, er, ‘flashes in the pan’, (things that have gone the way of the Dodo in my time)…and it’s a pretty impresive list.

What sent me on this particular ‘sentimental journey’? This little item that I obviously missed the first time around. It returned in Alternet’s weekly ‘most popular’ bulletin.

As I have been saying right along
"How many failing states [does it take] before we have a failing [‘ed’, it is already ‘failing’] global civilization?"

[Comments in brackets mine…but constant reader knows that.]

Maybe, like Einstien was shocked to learn that most people didn’t ‘think in pictures’ (I don’t know about you but I don’t…think in pictures, that is.) I’ll be shockingly wrong about my take on the first page of this article.

It stuck me that the author is of the opinion that ‘change’ (on broad enough of a scale) is not possible.

I’m not saying I’d disagree but I think the human animal is more ‘adaptable’ than most, er, ‘doomers’ give us credit for.

In fact, when you look at the long view, change is what we do best!

How does that song go…”some forever, not for better”…which is to point out that not all of the changes have been, er, ‘positive’, at least for the majority, and that some choices are ‘irrevockable’.

Which leads to the tattered and torn Human Social Contract. When it becomes too ‘dangerous’ to trust those not related to you by blood (which generally has less than nothing to do with it as your siblings will usually ‘stick’ you quicker than a stranger would!) But still, ‘family relations’ will become the, er, ‘gold standard’ in future games of ‘I’m okay/you’re okay’.

If you haven’t got your family, you’ve got nobody!

But that doesn’t mean the ‘orphans’ among us should dispair. The contract is usually strongest among ‘birds of a feather’, which is to say ‘friends’.

Most of us are trustworthy which is why the whole ball of wax hasn’t already crumbled to dust. The shiftless few don’t outnumber us despite their claims to the contrary.

This leads to the primary problem of ‘organization’. If we can’t ‘trust’ our leaders then the system itself is flawed.

That’s why ASP uses a new and unique approach…and it’s only ‘new’ because it has never been tried, until now the technology to pull it off didn’t exist.

We all know the idiots currently in charge aren’t about to ‘step aside’ even if we ask them to nicely.

As far as they’re concerned, the ‘system’ isn’t broken, it works ‘perfectly’ for them; if it doesn’t work for anyone else, ‘tough’.

And this is precisely the type of ‘bull shit’ we need to overcome. If we are to survive as a species we must first implement the primary equation for sustainability, equality and justice begets peace and prosperity.

So the whole ‘hooray for me and fuck everybody else’ shit has to go. And it’s going to take more than just dealing with the man in the mirror.

How disturbing is it that the biggest perps don’t identify themselves as being a ‘part of the problem’?

Here we once again encounter that deeply disturbing ‘conservative trait’ sometimes referred to as ‘a socio-pathic lack of empathy’.

I guess the important thing to recognize about tonight’s article is that the ‘clock’ is ticking and if we don’t get with the program we, er, ‘might’ find ourselves fighting off extinction…at the hands of the predators among us, the fucking psychopaths nobody should be listening to.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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