Monday, April 25, 2011

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Greetings good citizen,

Even skipping a day, the situation remains ‘unchanged’; the collapse of our civilization proceeds ‘on schedule’. Thankfully nothing has (so far) popped up to prove my dire prediction of tragedy over the just past holiday weekend…but it’s still too soon to put that possibility to bed.

Some of you may catch the ‘typical’ reversal I put on many of the headlines I post and today the reversal is indeed the main point

For more than 50 years, Washington has been served well by a system of global power based on subordinate elites. That system once facilitated the extension of American influence worldwide with a surprising efficiency and (relatively speaking) an economy of force. Now, however, those loyal allies increasingly look like an empire of failed or insubordinate states. Make no mistake: the degradation of, or ending of, half a century of such ties is likely to leave Washington on the rocks.

As the article implies, ‘our’ (read the oligarch’s) ‘foreign policy’ reflects a certain, ‘disregard’ for the principles this nation was supposedly founded upon.

Although, truth be told, the actual ‘founding principles’ of this nation are those of ‘John Jay’.

Who is ‘John Jay’?

He ‘founded’ (read copied) our ‘legal system’ and more importantly, he 'framed' the premise it operates under.

All of the gobbledygook about ‘liberty’ only applies to the John Jay’s…a group that still exists to this day.

What was Mr. Jay’s rather controversial ‘basic assumption’?

It was NOT that ‘all men are created equal’ (every lawyer knows that ‘the ability to pay’ is an inverse function of a man’s propensity for criminal activity!)

So HIS ‘philosophy’/doctrine was “Let those who OWN the Land, RULE the Land!

Um, does this help explain why there aren’t any holidays celebrating America’s first jurist?

Also critical to the clusterfuck we find ourselves in today, it was Mr. Jay (who, despite not getting his own holiday, did get a University named after him) that determined the ‘primary function’ of our legal system.

Again, you’d be dead wrong if you opined that the founding principle of our legal system had anything whatsoever to do with either ‘equality’ or ‘justice’ (for anyone other than a bona fide elite/founder.)

The ‘primary objective’ of ‘our’ legal system isn’t justice; it is the protection of property rights. ABOVE ALL ELSE!

Does anybody see the problem with this?

I’m willing to bet that if you ‘polled’ your ‘familiars’ (friends and family) maybe one in a hundred would get this right.

Which brings us full circle to the ‘ignorance’ problem.

How sad is it to realize that not only do most people not know about the founding principles of this nation. (Although most drunks would gladly knock your block off in defense of ‘their interpretation’ of those principles!) But, other than defending their own mistaken notions of ‘national honor’, they don’t fucking care!

Baseball, hotdogs, apple pie and Mom are NOT ‘America’s founding principles, IT’S A FUCKING AD FOR GM!

Which, I guess, brings us to a more serious issue. One that has been used to drive a wedge so deep that we all ‘believe’ that most of the rest of this country is too stupid to vote in its own best interests.

Let’s have a closer look at that ‘divide’ once again.

You don’t suppose it is a ‘coincidence’ that the split keeps coming up 80-20?

Even if this particular poll shows the split to be closer to 75-25.

The fact remains, if not for ‘districting’ the ‘25’ would NEVER win!

Now we have the House ‘controlled’ by the improbable ‘25’!

You don’t suppose we are staring media manipulation right in the face?

Which brings us to a ‘peripheral’ issue, is it a ‘media’ problem or are we staring at or a ‘who owns the media’ problem?

I’d opine it is the latter…but that could just be me.

Well good citizen, it looks like my work here is done. I would like to add that today's 'point' is that certain 'disregard' for this nation's, er, 'founding principles/laws that resulted in a 'foreign aid' supported web of puppet governments around the globe casts our own government in a rather poor light.

What does it say about our politicians (never mind their owners) about their willingness to put their own greed ahead of the needs of society/civilization?

Show of hands now, how many of you were aware of this nation’s founding principles?

And if you think I made any of this up, just google John Jay!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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