Monday, April 4, 2011

Capitalism at its finest!

Greetings good citizen,

If we dealt in ‘allegory’ then today’s headlines regarding the spread of radioactivity into the waters off Japan could serve as a mirror for the progress the ‘poison’ of capitalism is making in extinguishing the global economy.

The fact that the two are ‘intertwined’ is ironic indeed!

Even a schoolchild knows that not all economic activity is ‘good’.

Since that statement is a direct contradiction of current conservative doctrine I offer exhibit ‘A’ as a classic example of Capitalism at its finest!

[Hat tip: Cynical Tendency]

This is the effect of “rent seeking” or the Economics of Extraction. So long as you can maximize what you can and then get out with your money it does not matter if you leave behind the wreckage of a system or service and which carries a huge burden of debt into the future.

And YOU thought I was talking about drugs! Understand, conservatives don’t give a shit if you take drugs, hell they ‘self-medicate’ all the time, which is part of the reason why their heads are full of insane bullshit! The ONLY reason they don’t want drugs legalized is because it would screw up their profits!

Talk about your ephipanies, I just realized that ALL of the conservatives I know are bigtime potheads!

How’s THAT for fucked up…mostly because conservatives are always accusing us leftists of being ‘irrational dope addicts.’

More disturbingly, just what is it about cannabis that destroys ones ability to reason?

Occasional use doesn’t appear to have any effect, it’s heavy users who tend to display high degrees of ‘irrationality’.

Now contrast that with the current fucked up state of civilization…

Houston, I think we has a problem!

I know the above reads a little ‘nuts’ but I‘m leaving it like that to demonstrate how my mind works. (The IQ test says ‘genius’ for whatever that’s worth. As I have stated before, ‘genius’ is extremely misunderstood. It is not ‘all knowing’ it is, as we see above, the ability to make connections that are already there but, due to conditioning, most others don’t see.)

What’s gonna fuck some of you up is that fact that you won’t be able to make the connection that’s right there in front of you.

And no, it’s not true because I say it’s true, it’s true because it IS true!

But maybe you’ve smoked a little too much dope…so nuthin’ go up top anymore!

Worse, and we’ve seen this countless times, is how ‘clinical research’ tends to produce the findings that agree with the preconceived notions of the people who ‘fund’ the research.

Brings us full circle to that ‘free press’ bullshit.

Just how fucked up is the ‘advertiser funded’ media? The ‘truth’ goes right out the window if the truth casts any particular funding source in an ‘unfavorable light’.

Which is to point out that there is no such thing as a ‘free market’ media.

So we come full circle to the purpose of this, er, ‘blog’…I’m not here to tell you what to think, my ‘job’ is to give you something to think about!

Like Mr. Panzer here although I have to admit, my methods tend to produce a lot more ‘blunt truama’ than his does.

Anyway, now that you’re bleeding internally my work here is finished. I’ll leave you to consider who’s in charge and just how fucked up that is all by itself!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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