Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Politics of a Banana Republic...

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One of today’s lead stories on Alternet asks the question of whether or not the Republican’s are committing ‘political suicide’?

I think the answer to that question resides in the politics of a Banana Republic. How many political parties does one find in your typical ‘oligarchy’?

If ‘conservatism’ is destined to be the ‘last party standing’ (as it already appears to be) does it matter if they make fools of themselves by supporting ‘unpopular’ policies?

Perhaps this is where people need to wake up and smell the coffee, there is only ONE politial party in the country and they’re ‘owned’ by this nation’s oligarchs.

The ‘appearance’ of there being two political parties is just an illusion maintained by the all-powerful few.

So, is the GOP committing ‘political suicide?’ considering both the Democrats AND the Republicans take their marching orders from the same people, the 'short answer' applies…no.

The thing that has thinking people scratching their heads (besides lice) is the danger this presents to the oligarchy.

It has long been apparent that there is little difference between Republican and Democratic administrations, with the last ‘true’ Democratic administration being that of LBJ.

How sad is it that the last push for social justice is not almost fifty years in the rearview mirror?

Has to be something to it, almost every social commentator points to the same period in history as the point the USA suffered a ‘silent coup.’

A point where government of the people shrank down to a government ‘by a few (people), for the rest.’

If you like to quibble, it is merely a resurfacing of the now ancient argument about who, precisely, counts as ‘people’…a debate that ended with the ‘paycheck divide’.

In essence (and indeed in fact) if you work for a paycheck (regardless of how large) YOU ARE A PEASANT! Only the ‘owners’ of ‘income streams’ count as people!

I can appreciate that exposing many of these truths detracts from my popularity but what are you gonna do? Somebody has to stand up and point these things out.

If not me, who? If not now, when?

I guess you’re stuck with me, now.

For those of you not paying attention to the financial markets I suggest you visit our friend Jesse and watch the Youtube video the link deposits you at.

What is my most often repeated ‘catch phrase’, good citizen

Um, all right, bad question (there are many more than just one.)

The one I’m searching for is ‘the money is ALL ‘funny’.

Just watch the video and honestly ask yourself afterwards if there ISN’T a conspiracy against the vast majority of us?

Because if the answer isn’t ‘conspiracy’ then it must be lunacy because this shit don’t happen ‘by accident’ (no matter how earnestly they insist!)

And after viewing this particular piece of information (and by no means it it the only one) aren’t you left wondering A.) why isn’t this illegal? And B.) if a regular schmuck can dig this up, why isn’t anybody being prosecuted?

Which brings us full circle to ‘foundation’ of A Simple Plan. Nothing will get fixed until our legal system is (completely) overhauled.

The law must be placed beyond the reach of the ‘self-interested’.

Without equality there can be no justice and without justice there can be no peace! (And without peace there can be no prosperity.)

We are currently on ‘the path to destruction’; will enough of us survive to start again?

Time will tell, good citizen, time will tell.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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