Saturday, April 30, 2011


Greetings good citizen,

Left to your personal political sensibilities is the proposition of whether or not we are being ‘subjugated’ by a league of our financial and commercial ‘betters’.

Today’s first offering even goes as far as to call our antagonist the Coporate State.

We live in a fragmented society. We are ignorant of what is being done to us. We are diverted by the absurd and political theater. We are afraid of terrorism, of losing our job and of carrying out acts of dissent. We are politically demobilized and paralyzed. We do not question the state religion of patriotic virtue, the war on terror or the military and security state. We are herded like sheep through airports by Homeland Security and, once we get through the metal detectors and body scanners, spontaneously applaud our men and women in uniform. As we become more insecure and afraid, we become more anxious. We are driven by fiercer and fiercer competition. We yearn for stability and protection. This is the genius of all systems of totalitarianism. The citizen’s highest hope finally becomes to be secure and left alone.

Or so they’d have us believe…

Honesty good citizen, would you trust any of these idiots to ‘protect’ you and yours from a threat greater than a rabid squirrel? (And even THAT might be too generous!)

Perhaps the question needs to be rephrased more along the lines of the Athiest’s Prayer, “Dear Jesus, please protect me from your followers!”

No irony should be lost of the fact that the biggest threat facing our species comes from those who profess the urgent desire to ‘save us’ from (thus far) non-existent enemies.

To make matters worse we have this article about the other ‘front’ the fucking conservatives are trying to ‘save’ their constituents from…

The warning is the result of the extraordinary measures to prop up the financial system, which have seen central banks resort to strategies such as buying up bonds to keep the flow of money circulating.

Fathom's economists are worried that last year may have marked the high point of the global recovery. "It remains unclear how much of the equity market rally has been 'genuine', rather than simply a 'mopping up' of that extraordinary injection of liquidity," they warned. "As that stimulus is gradually withdrawn, further gains in equity markets will be harder to achieve."

Indeed! Without taxpayer funds to sink into equities they wouldn’t ‘rise’ at all.

Understand that once the ‘pumping’ stops there is going to be a massive sell off as the, er, ‘less than scrupulous’ dump everything they can on ‘the greater fool’.

How sick is it to note that it’s already too late to ‘cash out’?

Understand good citizen the ‘next stop’ is the barter economy.

BUT! You scream, we aren’t set up to revert to a barter economy…

How sad is it that the ‘capitalist’ response to this is the ‘typical’ one…tough!

More the pity…

Naturally, this will (and is intended to) cause MASSIVE ‘civil unrest’.

Whiskey and gunpowder, good citizen, whiskey and gunpowder…

Naturally, those who profess the sincere desire to save the rest of us are indeed only trying to save their own worthless hydes.

AM doesn’t post often but when he does its usually a ‘gem’.

(And yes good citizen, I sometimes start filling in the commentary BEFORE the days search is complete.)

Since today’s topic is ‘salvation’ (for fun and profit) we would be remiss in not visiting the idea of whether or not salvation is even possible.

Then we get into a semantics battle over precisely who is being saved from what?

Because all salvation isn’t equal...and because of that, not all salvation is ‘worthy/worthwhile’.

So if you ‘qualify’ salvation with ‘only those worth saving’ the effort is condemned from the start as being not worth while. The very small group of (mostly) rich white guys is definitely not worth cashing in all of our chips over because, truth be told, they are the ones responsible for this train wreck.

So our qualifier is that we must be trying to save our entire species with a focus being on that significant portion of the population that is willing to endure the necessary sacrifices that will ensure success.

Which is to acknowledge that some people (and their selfish desires) are going to have to be ignored if we are to have any hope of success.

CAN this be done? Most certainly…WILL it be done? Not likely.

Perhaps the single most important aspect to be understood here is the necessity of the ‘greater good’ to prevail.

If the ‘selfish few’ continue to dominate then our species is doomed.

No irony should be lost on the fact that these people justify their selfishness with the Dawinesque argument of ‘Survival of the fittest’.

I guess only nature is capable of teaching that selfishness is NOT a virtue and it does nothing to ensure survival.

Sadly, if the selfish succeed then our species is doomed to extinction.

Just something else for you to think about, good citizen.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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