Friday, October 1, 2010


Greetings good citizen,

I think it’s working…

What do I think is working?

The ‘drive ‘em to distraction’ strategy. I think it’s working.

A few days ago I wrote about our readiness to believe the worst of our fellow citizens WHEN, truth be told, they actually share our anger/disbelief that nobody is doing the job they were elected to do

Worse, it has become obvious that more elections will do nothing to correct this situation.

Because whomever we elect will be subject to taking orders from the same people their predecessors took them from! (Just a hint here, that don’t mean you or anybody you know unless you wipe your ass with thousand dollar bills…)

The ‘mid-term’ elections are a month away and the ‘batshit crazy’ Republicans are holding themselves out as the ‘alternative’ to the ‘do nothing’ Democrats.

If we are to prove, once and for all that our system of government is corrupt beyond repair, we actually NEED to give the Democrats an ‘indisputable majority’ in BOTH houses of Congress.

The ‘Party of No’ must be eliminated from the equation…although some idiotic pundits claim ‘democrats from conservative districts’ have to ‘pretend’ they are Republicans if they want to keep their seat…

Like the people voted Democrat because they truly desired ‘more of the same’!

Are these people ‘brain damaged’ or do they just pretend that we are?

First we give one party (and I really don’t care which one, they both SUCK) a bulletproof majority, then, once they fail to enforce the laws they were elected to uphold, we try THEM for treason!

Naturally, this will require that ‘somebody’ seizes power…the problem with this ‘wildcard’ is that it is much more likely the ‘Pirates’ who caused this mess will seize control before the representatives of the people get their chance.

And if the, er, ‘upper middle class’ (the ‘usual source’ of replacements during revolutions) takes control…well. They were only a step removed from the ‘predators’ they replaced. They still have next to nothing in common with the average citizen.

They have NEVER lived as we live or suffered as we suffer.
This is why the ‘counter-revolutions’, those quiet coups that steal back the country from those it was originally stolen from usually succeeds ‘unopposed’.

This is why the set up (that replaces the existing system) has to be foolproof.

That upper middle class must suffer the same fate as their as their upper class masters.

You aren’t going to get ‘change’ from people who have no clue what change is…as evidenced by our current President.

If you want to know who is running this country you need look no further than ‘the party of no’. The same people who just defeated a proposal to end the subsidy for employers who ‘off-shore’ US jobs.

Voting as one ‘bulletproof’ block, the 40 Republicans in the Senate stopped legislation that would at least ‘slow’ the flow of US jobs overseas…real fucking ‘patriots’ aren’t they?

Like a veil being lifted from your eyes good citizen, you have to ‘grow up’ and admit that the ‘ballot box’ is no more credible than Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny.

They’re all ‘make believe’.

The ballot box was invented as a tool to ‘make decisions’, using it to ‘choose’ who will make decisions for you without ever consulting you does you zero good.

For the ballot box to be effective again it must be used as it was intended, as an avenue for YOU to make decisions!

Your ‘right to vote’ is a lot more important than the bullshit that was perpetrated upon our forebearers by their self-appointed ‘betters.’

That’s right good citizen, those (wealthy) founders who met in secret and by invitation only NEVER INTENDED for you to have any say. They stole YOUR RIGHT to choose because you weren’t ‘smart enough’ to choose ‘wisely’ (like they’ve done any better!)

Time to turn that on its head, you certainly couldn’t do any worse.

Although many of you don’t want the ‘responsibility’ of making these decisions, you’re ‘afraid’ something will go wrong.

Here, once again, we succumb to that willingness to believe that a majority of us are ‘stupid’ (instead of just being deprived of alternatives, which is actually the case!)

You many not enjoy a ‘perfect’ voting record BUT in the end it is not up to you. You have only one vote in two hundred and thirty million (sorry but we still aren’t going to let ‘kids’ vote…) and you won’t always be on the prevailing side. (Although you should be most of the time!)

Horses and carts, sometimes it feels premature to discuss what life under A Simple Plan would be like but if we don’t have these discussions (thought experiments) you will not be familiar with the ‘alternatives’ to what we suffer now.

Intestinal fortitude good citizen, do you have the ‘guts’ to take charge of how you will live your life…or will you let ‘others’ decide for you?

Sadly, those ‘others’ can’t be trusted to act wisely/selflessly, that’s why pushing this duty off on ‘others’ is both irresponsible AND dangerous.

Why do you think our civilization is on the brink of collapse?

Because there was no mechanism to stop the self-interested from corrupting the system.

That was one hell of a massive ‘oversight’ made by the founders…and we both know it was ‘intentional’…it just wasn’t supposed to ‘get out of hand’ like it has.

Now it’s too late!

Anyway, it’s time once again to take a look at where ‘we’ are headed.

Indisputably we are firmly on the path that leads to a Banana Republic. The ‘wildcard’ here is how bad things will get before ‘social order’ collapses?

Lower ‘tax revenues’ means fewer police resources. The ticking you hear in the background is the millions of unemployed/homeless searching for someplace warm to call home while they hunt for something to eat…

Desperate people will dare desperate acts. So just how much can an under-manned police force handle?

Um, it is said that civilization is only nine meals deep…do the math; that’s three days.

You go three days without a morsel of food and you’re gonna be ready to do some pretty crazy shit because while you can go roughly 30 days without eating, starving to death still hurts like hell!

Think about cannibalism and just try to imagine how hungry you’d have to be for such a repellant concept to become a possibility, never mind a reality!

Once again I apologize for conjuring, er, ‘unpleasant images’ into your mind but reality is what it is.

We can only hope it never comes to that…although, historically speaking, it has occurred far too often.

Worse, while you’re reading this, somebody somewhere is ‘eating the dead’…because that’s all there is.

I lay a lot of ‘evil’ at the feet of capitalism, unnecessary cannibalism isn’t the least of its crimes...but it isn’t the worst either.

Thank you for letting me inside your head,


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