Sunday, October 10, 2010


Greetings good citizen,

On and on it goes…

No consensus, no meeting of the minds (as if such a thing were possible!) which is to point out that as long as we don’t have a reliable ‘feedback mechanism’ the ‘self-interested’ will continue to what seems ‘good’ to them and damn the consequences!

Baseline situation: millions of people have lost their jobs and are defaulting on their debt.

YET, nobody is ‘focusing’ on why these people were made ‘redundant’ NOR are they doing anything to put a stop to the carnage.

The (heavily massaged) employment data continues to sink through society’s molten core while the party of ‘the owners’ (also known as The Party of No) cries for their tax cuts to be made permanent!

Worse, these selfish pigs who persist in refusing to invest in the US economy (which is what they claim the tax cuts are for) have also succeeded in defeating the repeal of the subsidy for off-shoring US jobs!

Ignorance is a terrible thing but this is well beyond ‘stupid’.

How do you know when your government has been hijacked by criminals?

Take a good look at what has become of our electoral process. These fuckers should be executed at the polls! (Just a ‘suggestion’, I’m not telling anyone to do anything AND you did ‘opt in’ to read this so it’s ‘shame on you’!)

So we return to the topic of how you, er, ‘restore’ the rule of law to a nation gone berserk?

The media has usurped the ballot box so we can’t ‘vote’ the fuckers out. (The corporate owned media isn’t obliged to provide any news that disagrees with the ‘opinions’ of those who ‘own’ it.)

Just an opinion of my own here but ‘eradicating’ the lying media would be an excellent place to start the bid to return this nation to the rule of law. (It is a proven fact that you can’t make informed decisions without accurate information. 99% of what comes out of the ‘advertiser supported’ corporate media is, er, ‘questionable’, to put it kindly. In fairness, they point to blogs such as this one and level the same charges…so it really is up to you when it comes to deciding whom to believe.)

I think the ‘facts’ speak for themselves…

To have ‘accidentally’ arrived at where we are today beggars belief, what we are currently suffering is neither an accident nor a coincidence!

But you already know this argument so I’ll spare you a rehash.

Strange logic BUT if you don’t want to live a lie you can’t tolerate a ‘lie machine’ to operate in your presence.

Sadly good citizen, those who ‘own’ the media also ‘own’ free speech.

For truth to prevail it cannot suffer the ‘yoke’ of ‘ownership’. Think about that one for a minute because it is in no owner’s best interest to admit this is the truth!

And if owning a media outlet is what it takes to ‘enjoy’ free speech, then only the owners of the media can speak freely! (Worse, free speech is not necessarily ‘true speech’.)

While Mr. Rich rightly slams those who point to the Internet and claims that the ‘ultimate freedom’ now exists are lies because the ‘anonymity’ of the Internet hides the identity (as well as the agenda) of some powerful (and deceitful) players.

Which is to argue once again that the truth suffers mightily when it conflicts with the agenda of the self-interested.

Which brings us to an interesting argument, one regarding your own status as a ‘self-interested’ individual.

You are most definitely ‘self-interested’ when it comes to enjoying ‘equal footing’ in both the marketplace as well as in the eyes of the law.

Yet the ‘owners’ don’t see it that way. They believe ‘ownership’ has its privileges.

Ironically, they’ve always believed/espoused such doctrine; so if you find it offensive they will turn the tables on you and it becomes everybody’s favorite game…’I was here first’ (like that has anything to do with it!)

For all of its ‘complexity’ life really never really gets too far from the damn playground. The principle difference being the schoolyard bully has somehow become the Judge.

This somewhat explains the popularity of the recent book “Everything I needed to know I learned in kindergarten.”

But this ain’t kindergarten anymore and such simplistic reasoning can no longer be used to guide civilization.

It’s time to ‘grow up’ good citizen and spank the kids who grab whatever they want and scream ‘I had it first!’

It wasn’t a good reason then and it definitely didn’t become one after you put your hand picked puppet into the judge’s seat!

A stacked deck is still a stacked deck and there is too much at stake to ‘appease’ the spoiled and privileged among us…

Okay, time for a nap!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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