Monday, October 11, 2010

Where's your share?

Greetings good citizen,

There are a hundred ways to explain how the economy became ‘lopsided’…but nobody is doing a good job with ‘why’…

Although you do find a dandy explanation (again, ‘of mechanics’) here in an article that asks the question of what happened to “ The Peoples’ Slice of the Pie”? [emphasis mine.]

40 years ago the Dow was under 2,000 AND it had ‘real’ industrials listed! Today the economy SUCKS, the Dow is over 11,000 and nobody can tell us why…not without lying through their teeth, but hey, by now we’re sort of used to that.

How did you get 90 cents on the dollar picked from your pocket?

One would be tempted to point to mis-management but sadly the real reason is outright fraud.

This entire fiasco is due to ‘because I said so’. (Understand, I don’t mean ‘me’ in particular. We’re in this crisis because ‘the guardians of the law’ lacked the intestinal fortitude to utter the shortest statement in the English language…No!)

(You could argue that ‘I’ is shorter but it has no context. If you shouted ‘I’ it could be construed as a complaint there was something wrong with your optical sensory organ…which is to say it’s not really a ‘statement’…)

This [achievement] in itself boggles the mind, how somebody was able to subvert a thousand years of legal precedent (as well as legal ‘machinery’ that spans the globe) to enrich themselves while destroying the world’s economy.

Worse, this started forty years ago, back when the words ‘the population explosion’ first captured the public imagination…

What SHOULD really frighten the crap out of all of you is how our self-appointed ‘betters’ have proven repeatedly that they are not very ‘bright’…

BUT they have an extremely long and disturbing track record of putting their own self-interests first.

So…what do you suppose the ‘self-interested’ would do to preserve their grip on the world’s resources?

The first thing you need to understand is these fuckers know it won’t be their ‘finger on the trigger’ when it comes to murdering millions of innocent civilians.

They’ll just command their bought and paid for lapdogs to ‘make it so’.

Which brings us full circle to the ‘equality’ conundrum…how some of us are ‘more equal’ than the rest…

Strictly speaking, the rich shouldn’t exist.

Which begs the question of where the hell are the brave and the strong in a world where the rich have the upper hand?

Money is meaningless…just as those who worship money are worthless.

People who will do anything for money are MORONS…

But you know that!

Yet here we are! Sitting in a steaming pile of shit because those entrusted with upholding the law instead SOLD US OUT for a few crummy dollars!

If you don’t have a problem with that, hang on a while longer, you soon will!

Worse good citizen, all the money in the world will not buy your way out of the catastrophe that is headed our way.

A catastrophe that will be caused by (ironically enough) the value of money becoming ‘uncertain.’

What we haven’t explored yet good citizen is what might be called the ‘worst case scenario’…the government of the US ‘disappears’ and is replaced with…nothing.

Try to wrap your head around a ‘lawless’ land, a place where you are truly ‘on your own’…

It will literally be one hundred times worse than a dictatorship…the part that should frighten the fuck out of you is our ‘nuclear stockpile’ being turned over to whoever holds them at the time of the government, er, ‘dissolving’.

Now it would literally be true that the captain of a nuclear-armed submarine would be one of the most powerful men on the planet…a law unto himself.

Here’s something to make the nightmare even more frightening…imagine the corporate oligarchy ‘taking custody’ of the world’s biggest stockpile of nuclear weapons.

Would the corporate yahoo’s ‘make an example’ of North Korea? (To ‘prove’ their willingness to use nuclear weapons to advance their agenda…)

While a ‘conservative dictatorship’ is plenty frightening, it is even more disturbing to have no enemy at all!

And THAT good citizen, is precisely what we will be up against.

Bizarrely, this is not to say that those who take over will be disorganized or ‘independent’ of one another. Their leadership will remain ‘phantom’ so it cannot be held responsible for the atrocities they commit to, er, ‘restore order’.

[It goes without saying that the atrocities will ALL be pinned on the ‘rebels.’]

Yes, our ‘nightmare’ outcome will be made even worse by rival factions that will have the ‘support’ of the remaining ‘legitimate governments’ of the world.

Bizarrely, each of these factions will represent some sector of the economy…such as it is.

This will make for some very, er, ‘curious’ bedfellows but in the end it will all be, er, logical.

Worse, this ‘factionalization’ will get worse as the ‘legitimate governments’ of the world collapse due to the lack of support from the corporations.

We can only wonder what will become of the world’s Banana Republics without the support they receive from ‘sympathetic governments?

Um, it’s mighty damn spooky to imagine a world where nobody is held accountable and the powerful can do pretty much as they like…

Oh wait…it used to be like that in the crazy days before capitalism, they called it monarchy!

How much do you want to bet that the stupid bastards will try to bring it back?

I say ‘stupid’ because ‘faux democracy’ removed the bulls-eye from the monarch’s back. Bringing back monarchy will resurrect ‘regicide’ lickity split!

Apparently they think their bodyguards are up to the job…

Here’s to proving them wrong!

Now do you see the need to remove the decision making process beyond the reach of those who would turn it to their advantage?

Thanks for letting me inside your head…(as scary as that can sometimes be,)


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