Friday, October 8, 2010

Until the Fat Lady sings...

Greetings good citizen,

My hopes for our civilization grow dimmer with each passing day. It has become apparent that the quicksand of greed has consumed what little bedrock there was holding up the foundation of our society.

We are in ‘uncharted waters’ here, good citizen. By the ‘hard and fast’ rules of commerce, our civilization has already passed the ‘point of no return’.

Tonight’s offering is only true if ‘the rules’ are followed. (Our current financial system is ‘fried’, there’s no way to repair it without writing off huge amounts of debt.)

What should be obvious to us all is ‘the rules’ no longer apply. We’re currently skating along in a ‘nobody’s doing anything about anything’ mode where we all pretend there’s nothing wrong (mostly because we can’t fix the problem on our own!)

As the wiser heads among us opine, the banking sector is still strangling to death with the public sector close behind.

As he points out, the housing sector will not ‘recover’ in the former industrialized West, EVER! (Um, neither Mr. Whalen nor Mr. Panzer actually says this but it is ‘implied’.)

Since the banking system is supported by ‘perpetual’ mortgage payments on properties that are hundreds of years old…wages need to keep ‘pace’ or the whole artifice collapses, as we have so recently witnessed.

No buyers means no price support…lower prices equals less ‘income’ all the way down the line.

So, to paraphrase the title of the article: And You Thought Last Time Was Bad...

Like death itself, there is no way to avoid collapse---we have merely sidestepped the inevitable for the moment.

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of this whole fiasco is the ‘too little too late’ part where absolutely NOTHING has been done to stop the ‘race to the bottom’.

Sadly, when the ‘cause’ of this fiasco is finally addressed, it will indeed be ‘too little, too late!

Naturally, I marvel over the fact that ‘Neutron Jack’ is still alive! (Perhaps we should be more amazed that he’s still ‘at large’…)

‘Turn the earth to glass and still commit no crime…’

Unfortunately, the print media isn’t the only source of global insanity. I apparently don’t have many readers in the UK or the BBC would have debunked (instead of reporting) how British schools are teaching pre-schoolers to be more ‘entrepreneurial’.

They are teaching these youngsters the mechanics of commerce in hopes that they will grow up to be more ‘self-reliant’.

Naturally, what these FUCKTARDS are missing is the principle reason why we don’t already live in ‘capitalist utopia’…


What part of ‘there isn’t enough market share to go around’ don’t these idiots get?

Oh well, stupid is what stupid does…

Worse, ignorance can be fixed…stupid is permanent!

Again, we have to believe that the real problem here is the perpetuation of ignorance by those too stupid to know they are doing anything wrong.

Most of you have no idea how frightening it is to realize your entire world is held together by little more than ‘myth and superstition’ (enforced at the point of a gun.)

You’re actually supposed to buy into these little ‘fantasies’ (without the benefit of the fucking ‘ruby slippers’!)

It is important to understand good citizen that most of what you’ve been taught to believe is a self-serving LIE!

The other part that is paramount for you to understand is that the liars are in charge!

Nothing changes until you recognize this truth!

The mis-management that is bag and baggage with capitalism is not nor will it ever be sustainable. No system based on infinite resources is!

Perhaps more disturbing is the fact that if resources were indeed ‘infinite’ there would be no need to ‘buy’ them from anybody, would there?

We have to put an end to this vicious exploitation of our fellow humans if we are ever to advance beyond being our own worst enemy…

The reasons we DON’T kill one another on sight are getting fewer all the time…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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