Thursday, September 30, 2010


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Today we back up a few hundred feet to get a look at the ‘big picture’, the ‘why’ behind what we do and how we go about it.

You don’t think much about ‘why’. You have your hands full dealing with the lesser of multiple evils on EVERY damned front you can imagine. Although most of it is simplified, you either do it (usually the only way available to you) or you don’t and that’s the end of that shit!

We’d like to think we have ‘endless’ choices available to us but the truth is quite the opposite…there’s a whole lot of ‘no’ before you arrive at ‘I guess so’ because option ‘b’ isn’t exactly, er, ‘appealing’…

It is what it is and you don’t trouble yourself with ‘why’ because you don’t have any say.

So you take it or you leave it, it doesn’t matter to anybody but you (and millions of others just like you, so you’re not as ‘alone’ in this as you’ve been lead to believe.)

Sometimes, when you’re especially frustrated by the unnecessary difficulty of accomplishing what should be a simple task, this hits you right between the eyes!

In a moment of sudden clarity you are thunderstruck that EVERYBODY has to go through this every time they are required to perform this simple task and that’s when ‘why’ bites you right on the ass!

Now that I’ve opened your eyes to the ‘frightening regularity’ with which you are subjected to these frustrating and ‘nonsensical’ hoops that block your access to things you may not even want very much…sort of puts the whole thing in a different perspective, doesn’t it?

Now ‘why’ isn’t as dumb a question as it initially appears to be. Worse, ‘because’ isn’t a particularly satisfying answer either.

Anyway, as I stated at the outset, our objective today was to revisit the Big Picture for a look at why we bother to get our asses out of bed at all.

Don’t have to go too far or expend too much mental horsepower on that one. It’s the ‘eating (regularly) and living indoors thing’ that provides the motivation to rub the sleep from our eyes and gird ourselves for battle every day.

Your ‘why’ is simple even if the ‘how’ isn’t.

Interestingly, the people who provide you with the means to obtain your ‘why’ have the exact same ‘motivation’ as you do, it’s their method of ‘compensation’ that differs…it is also the reason ‘why’ your life is so much more, er, ‘complicated’ than it needs to be.

All ‘rich’ people have ‘income streams’ while the rest of us ‘peasants’ have to make due with the paychecks the rich cut for us.

Understand that the primary ‘justification’ for this glaring disparity remains ‘The Will of God!’ Although some are too, er, ‘proud’ to hide behind ‘divine selection’ and fall back on their ‘work ethic’ and ‘superior breeding’ as the reason for their success.

This is even more true today now that psychiatry has reached the conclusion that it is NOT ‘normal’ to hear voices in your head, that the only person in your head is you, not God!

So claiming to ‘speak with God’ on any level other than spiritual is to call your own mental stability into question.

Anyone can claim that they ‘speak to God’, it’s the ‘answer’ part that is troublesome.

Talking to God is perfectly cool. Claiming God ‘answers’ you…not so much.

Removing ‘divine selection’ from the equation we are left with one small planet that needs to be ‘shared’ by an, er, unchecked number of people.

You need not be a genius to see that the current set-up is NOT ‘sharing’ in any way shape or form.

This is one group claiming (usually a ‘divine right’) to what is justly ours.

This is ‘why’ we work FOR them, and not the greater good.

Our current socio-economic set up according to the judiciary is intended to ‘enrich the owners’ and not to serve our species.

Take a moment to read the short, yet eye-popping article in the link above.

Sort of redefines the term ‘why’, doesn’t it?

Circling back to yesterday’s post for a moment, is there any doubt we are on a rudderless ship with no-one at the helm?

We can talk about what might happen ‘after’ this nation has been looted but it is pretty obvious that job was finished by the Bush administration, there’s nothing left but the bones.

Sadly, the most we can hope for is to avenge future generations.
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