Sunday, October 24, 2010


Greetings good citizen,

I know I’m grasping at straws when I cite an article by a mainstream commentator that agrees with my own point of view, but that’s how national conversations get started.

today’s commentary by that accomplished wordsmith, Frank Rich points directly to the same ‘theme’ I’ve been pounding on all week: “What do we do when we discover our government has been hijacked by criminals?”

He even, in his own delicate way, asks the question that vexes us most: “Why haven’t the people we elected to take care of this crisis been unable to act?”

Bizarrely, the answer to that question is just as ‘frustrating’ as the oft used ‘cloak of national security’ enigma.

Were we to ‘prosecute’ these criminals it would, quite literally, destroy the industry of law as it is currently practiced. (Just as prosecuting those who act under ‘presidential authority’ would significantly diminish ‘presidential prestige’ (like this is somehow more important than justice?)

This leads us to a stumbling block those who worship power have become entangled in, one where the ‘appearance of propriety’ takes priority over actual performance.

As long as the records show the ‘right thing’ was done, the facts become immaterial.

Sadly, good citizen, it is the facts that we are left to deal with.

As was inevitable, the ‘deficit hawks’ have come out of the woodwork demanding ‘austerity’ in government spending (like the money wasn’t ‘funny’!)

No irony should be lost on the fact that this (totally unnecessary) crisis was caused by the irrational principles attached to ‘money’.

Seriously, all of the other ‘symptoms’ of the pending collapse of civilization are being driven by ‘insane’ monetary claims!

From the multi-billion dollar ‘bonuses’, er, demanded by banking, er, professionals to the hundreds of dollars a minute being billed by, er, ‘healthcare professionals’ it is a small wonder that these people haven’t been dragged before a court and sentenced to hang!

Yet there is nothing ‘wrong’ going on here. Why YOU don’t warrant a multi-million dollar bonus for sweeping the floors or answering the phones remains as much a mystery as why the people who get paid these princely sums DO warrant them.

In the end it’s ‘because I said so’.

And if you don’t like it, go suck a rock!

Which is to ask why our ‘law makers’ are incapable of putting an end to these damaging practices that have eviscerated our economy?

Are they too STUPID or are they simply substituting themselves for the current bonus recipients, thinking, "that could be my bonus someday!"

Naturally, there is zero mention of this in the corporate owned MSM. Nowhere (save the occasional OP/Ed piece) is the voice of reason to be found.

The world is FULL of clever people…sadly, most of them are wearing a muzzle.

Perhaps the conversation we NEED to be having is the one where it is acknowledged that WE (as a species) ARE ‘the law’ and the ‘legislative process’ cannot be ‘stream-lined’ or ‘delegated’ because the end result is indeed the ‘tyranny of the minority’.

Obvious to more than a few of us is the desperate need to institute a completely new way of doing what we do.

A Simple Plan, it’s an idea whose time has come.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


(Author/creator of ‘A Simple Plan’)

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