Thursday, October 14, 2010


Greetings good citizen,

In what can best be described as ‘no surprise to nobody’, unemployment ticked up again…so the markets, that sole barometer of ‘economic health’ dropped a whole 15 points.

But no matter, we have already concluded that the stock market is only of consequence to the already rich. It is totally useless as far as the real people are concerned.

The Stock Market is merely a ‘prop’ the MSM uses to support their baseless ‘Happy Talk’ on.

But again, I digress…

As I touched upon yesterday our ‘social operating system’ is on the verge of collapse. The financial system is already toast and once the workers stop getting paid, things will go downhill quite rapidly indeed.

The thing to keep in mind is this could happen any second now. We are literally waiting for that ‘one more thing’ which will prove to be too much.

Today’s ‘unemployment report’ is the best ‘economic barometer’ we have, good citizen. When the rate remains, er, ‘unsustainably high’ for too long a period, collapse is not far behind.

Doomers like myself believe we have already crested the limit of time a large segment of the population can remain without funds without severe social blowback.

Did I mention ‘any second now’?

The return of cold weather sure isn’t helping the situation…

But hey, what am I saying, according to the MSM, everything is just peachy keen! Those 99’ers will find a job any day now that they no longer have their unemployment checks to fall back on!

The glass is way more than half-empty and only an asshole would say otherwise. For the sake of argument, it would be the same asshole that dismisses ‘class war’ out of hand.

The same asshole that needs their neck stretched…

But hey, that’s just my opinion.

Sounds vicious good citizen but ‘the lack of consequences’ is precisely how we got to be where we’re standing today…

Just saying, ya know?

The bark doesn’t mean anything if the dog don’t bite.

So, citizens of the ‘wounded land’, how do you propose to deal with your situation once the system ceases to function?

Sadly, the most common response to that query would be shock/surprise! Most people weren’t aware that the ‘Dead Sea’ was ever sick…(which is to point out that most people do not realize that the financial system ‘has failed’, and only a few knew it was, er, ‘ill’.)

This is all pretty silly considering the, er, ‘fabricated nature’ of money, we’re all gonna feel pretty damn stupid dying for a lie!

Worse, there isn’t a fucking thing you can do about it. Either you know how to survive in the wild or you don’t.

And this ain’t gonna be no ‘walk in the park’. You will have thousands of ‘competitors’, many that believe it is easier to take it from you than it is to get it for themselves! If you can’t bring yourself to ‘do the necessary’, be prepared to be somebody else’s bitch!

Yeah, this is probably why most of you question whether or not humanity is worth ‘saving’.

Because so many of the helpless are only too willing to ‘prey’ upon their fellow humans…except when you cross that line you cease being a fellow human and become a feral parasite.

Which is a totally different take on the ‘employer/employee relationship, isn’t it?

But anyway…

I’ll reward your patience by acknowledging that I’m not pushing the panic button…today.

I am only testing your awareness that it is much later than it appears and it’s going to be a mighty rough ride whether you’re ready or not.

I have often raised the question of whether or not the MSM would tell us that we only had moments to prepare…and the obvious answer to that question is NO.

The ensuing panic would kill more people than whatever the approaching calamity would claim…with the possible exception of nukes…

Which is to ask if the last drop of oil on the planet were running through the refinery as I type this, would they tell us?

You can bet your sweet ass they wouldn’t…although it can be fairly argued that the panic they hope to avoid will occur anyway, so informing the public wouldn’t likely make things much worse…

Well, then there are those questions that don’t have good answers, like ‘How long have you known we were running out?’ and ‘Why didn’t you do anything about it?’

Since both questions are essentially ‘moot’, the proper answer is silence.

Just remember good citizen, The End of the World as We Know it marks the beginning of a whole new world!

Will the people win this time or will the parasites continue to prevail?

We’ll see.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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