Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Rage Won't End...

Greetings good citizen,

I find it interesting to observe an unintentional ‘echo chamber’ forming on the, er, ‘non-conservative’ side of the fence.

Unsurprisingly, the consensus in the ‘Doom-o-sphere’ is “Put a fork in it, it’s done!” yet, it certainly isn’t ‘over’.

As the astute Mr. Rich so succinctly points out The Rage Won’t End on Election Day [because handing over your right to decide solves nothing!]

Unlike (fabricated) Republican ‘Talking Points’, the similarities coming out of the, er, ‘non-conservative’ media have their basis in ‘observable truth’.

Are people pissed? (A resounding YES!) Do the largely duped ‘Tea Partiers’ have anything to do with it? (No, although the RWNM says otherwise. The Tea Partiers are too addled to know just what they’re supposedly ‘protesting’! This is linked with the discovery that conservatism is a mental disorder!)

Understand good citizen that the ‘Tea Partiers’ are a splinter of the 20% of the overall population that self-identify as ‘conservatives’.

Mathematically, 20% isn’t enough to win an election…but they do, and we can only wonder ‘why’?

Most conservatives are ‘wealthy’, but that is only one percent of the population, so the other 19% are merely ‘wannabes’. (Or worse, they simply ‘think’ they’re rich.)

Unfortunately, this problem is larger than one would think.

Too many people (thanks to conservative brainwashing) think they are on their way success and coincidentally, fame.

Hell, they dutifully do all of the things they were taught lead to success, they can’t fail, right?

If it were as simple as ‘doing the right thing’ we’d all be ‘rich and powerful’.

Sadly, if you want to, er, ‘succeed’ you must be totally self-absorbed, relentless in the pursuit of greed and absolutely without so much as a speck of remorse. You must absolutely loathe every human who crosses your path, even the 'useful' ones, because ‘utility’ is only a temporary condition.

You realize the more useful someone is, the more danger they represent.

This is why conservative ideology is the most direct route to becoming a full-blown socio-path.

Your willingness to dispose of anyone and everyone that stands between you and your, er, ‘destiny’ causes you to believe everyone wants you dead. While this is not an unreasonable assumption (people want you dead for very good reasons!) it is your own ‘self-absorption’ (feeling of self-importance) that fuels this aspect of your mania.

‘Birds of a Feather’ flock together and I see far too many campaign posters for conservative candidates here in my own back yard but that merely proves my point.

Real Estate in this neck of the woods (still) ranges between the upper six figures and lower seven figures…SO, conservative candidates enjoy strong support from the crowd more interested in their own net worth than the quality of life of the area’s public servants.

A conservative will howl like hell when they are assessed to pay more taxes yet the same conservative is the first one to sue the town when his property is damaged because there are no funds to keep the roads in good repair…

Which brings us full circle to the recent ‘non-conservative’ consensus, an almost universal agreement that what passes for our government will inevitably grind to a halt once the conservatives regain control.

Naturally, this begs the other, er, ‘conundrum’ that I raised earlier. How can conservatives win if only one in five of us are conservatives?

Mathematically this don’t work, yet it happens.

Which brings us back to the ‘reliability’ of the ballot box/MSM.

Since the MSM ‘announces’ the results of an election (yes, the same MSM that lies to us on a regular basis at the behest of their corporate/conservative owners.) how much faith can we have in the accuracy of that announcement?

I’d say next to none…but I’m a hard marker.

Maybe you’ve never been in a position where you’ve had to lie to keep your job, but most of us have.

If you don’t think promotions are handed out on the basis of nepotism rather than merit you’re walking through life blindfolded!

That one percent of the population that claims fifty percent of the nation’s income for themselves are, er, ‘over-represented’ in our ‘one dollar = one vote’ government.

This brings us to our last sorry subject

The much abused invention that is at the root of our impending collapse…money.

Now, the linked article is focused on a specific kind of, er, currency and I strongly agree with Jesse, if you think gold is at a ‘top’, think again!

This DOES NOT alter my opinion that gold is no better than ‘paper money’, it is even more frightening to see them ‘linked’ so that one is equated with so many/much of the other when nothing is further from the truth/reality!

Yet my opinion will not stop the mentally challenged from bidding gold to the moon. Nor will it stop millions of suckers from being ‘fleeced’ by the market makers in this commodity.

I’m inclined to say those of us who don’t own gold will be ‘unaffected’ by the coming ‘bull market’ in gold but that would be wrong.

Since gold is still tightly linked to paper currency, as gold rises, so will the price of all commodities.

It will be this, er, ‘illusion’ that will be pointed to when the price of oil shoots over two and then three hundred dollars a barrel!

As I’ve said right along good citizen, the money is all ‘funny’ and none of this should be happening.

What we’re really seeing is the biggest ‘heist’ of the world’s riches ever committed

Left to our imagination is whether or not they’ll get away with it?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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