Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Scary new wage data...

Greetings good citizen,

After weeks of basically ‘inexplicable’ gains; the ‘Nothin’ Markets’ around the world are bleeding red ink (if only to recoup all of their losses tomorrow morning!)

This is nothing unusual. It is a well-established pattern this ‘eye-wash generator’ has followed for years…

Truth be told, I suspect this most recent dive is a little ‘overdue’.

The fact that I was ‘anticipating’ it sort of explains its tardiness.

Well, it’s neither here nor there good citizen. One thing you can be sure of, the ‘rich’ aren’t going to be ‘poor’ anytime soon!

Nope, it’s the poor that need to demand more pay, as this article by David Cay Johnston illustrates!

Scary New Wage Data

Tired of hearing your boss complain he’s ‘got no money’ (while everything about him screams the opposite?)

He may drive a ‘beater’ and dress like a ragman (around the ‘hired help’) but when the (trophy) wife shows up driving his ‘other car’ (an $80,000 Benz) dressed like she owns her own boutique (which she probably does…) it suddenly dawns on you where your last raise went.

Wait good citizen because it is even worse than it appears…it doesn’t take a whole lot of digging to learn that the workforce today is roughly the same size it was in 1992.

And you thought it was only the Japanese that had suffered twenty years of ‘no growth’…

Once you ‘wrap your head’ around the fact that the data has been ‘massaged’ in some extremely optimistic ways, the next thing you need to marvel over is why there is a single MSM outlet anywhere that hasn’t burned to the ground?

How could twenty years of ‘no growth’ in the labor force remain, er, ‘hidden’?

Naturally, this is not ‘news’. There was no ‘need to know’ that your job was shipped to the cheaper there (along with the equipment to do the job) while you were left here to suck your thumb!

This is betrayal, plain and simple!

And WHO betrayed us, good citizen? The fucking politicians!

ALL of our problems (as a society) are rooted in the failure of the rule of law!

It’s the Wild, Wild West out there and you had better believe ‘you’re on your own!’

If the fucking ‘cavalry’ shows up at this point in the game you’d better hide ‘cuz they’re working for the bad guys! (Who can, bizarrely, pay them!)

This is what happens when the government undergoes a ‘hostile takeover’.

We can only wonder about the wording of L.B.J.’s withdrawal speech where he said, ‘If nominated, I will not run. If elected, I will not serve.’

You’d think ‘I’m not running’ would be enough, wouldn’t you?

Was our government ‘hijacked’ when JFK was assassinated? It’s sure looking that way, fifty years in the rearview mirror.

Face it good citizen…once LBJ ‘abdicated’, who won the next election? JFK’s opponent…Richard Nixon.

And we all know what happened after that…it’s been a loooooooong downward slide.

Almost eight years of Nixon followed by four years of Ford (who could forget 'Whip Inflation Now! or Win?) Followed by four years of Carter, followed by eight more years of Reagan, followed by four years of Bush, followed by eight years of that DINO Clinton, followed by eight more years of Bush the younger…and not one of them could stop the downward trend! Despite what the meaningless stock market indicates!

In fact good citizen, every president since Nixon has worked (tirelessly) toward the goal of ‘pauperizing’ the non-owning portion of the nation. (Including the current ‘token’ DINO.)

Here, on the eve of the ‘mid-term’ elections, we need to strengthen our resolve to take our nation back from the ‘conservative cocksuckers’ who would enslave us.

It is time to heed Jefferson’s warning, the ‘tree of liberty’ is in desperate need of ‘watering’ although I’d posit it needs to be watered with the blood of tyrants rather then Patriots.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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