Thursday, October 28, 2010

The perception deception...

Greetings good citizen,

Once again we have to ask ourselves what good is ‘eyewash’ when A.) nobody understands what they’re looking at and B.) nobody believes what the numbers supposedly represent?

The thing to ask yourself good citizen is how do these assholes get away with this? The ‘global economy’ is sucking pond water because its ENTIRE customer base is so overloaded with debt that the ‘growth’ the media continues to report is basically an accounting trick, it doesn’t exist.

The ‘profits’ we keep hearing about are gains made by customers using ‘remaining’ sources after their ‘usual’ suppliers have been driven out of business.

And yes, good citizen, the ‘deal makers’ have been kept ‘busy’ tying up the loose ends as the deep-pocketed gobble-up the assets of their former competitors.

(Capitalism 101, it really IS all about ‘market share’!)

Which is to point out that the ‘perception management’ game has taken a dangerous turn. You are now expected to believe ‘prosperity’ has returned when it obviously hasn’t.

UNDERSTAND, nothing will be, er, ‘corrected’ as long as you ‘sit on your hands’.

The REALLY ‘bad news’ good citizen is this ‘automation’ thing has chewed up tens of thousands of jobs, jobs that are never coming back.

So how can the Stock Markets ‘reflect’ the prosperity of a nation?

As you well know, it doesn’t, so it can’t.

This is like a pocket IQ test. Whenever you hear somebody (and there was just such a [conservative] twat in yesterday’s local rag) who points at the stock market as ‘proof’ of our continuing prosperity. That individual just proved beyond any doubt that they are an idiot!

It’s bad enough the media uses the stock market as a yardstick of, er, ‘economic success’ but we have all learned that the ability to gauge how well the already wealthy are doing has no relationship to the economic health of society as a whole.

The Forbes 400 is NOT our entire society (although those listed probably aren’t aware of this…)

Worse, the MSM seems to subscribe to that, er, ‘opinion’ as well (That the Forbes list constitutes our entire society…at least the ‘newsworthy’ portion.)

Just how much of a social disconnect do you need to see before you understand that our civilization is being grossly mismanaged by a few clueless incompetents?

Although, you have to admit, they do a great job of convincing the gullible that everything is going to be ‘just fine’.

[As long as you don’t ask them what they mean by ‘everything’, they won’t let on about what ‘just fine’ entails…]

Perception management on a civilization wide scale is a very dangerous game to play…especially when YOU KNOW you are being gamed by KNOWN LIARS.

That is the hell of it good citizen.

You know they’re lying but there isn’t anything you can do about it…A.) legally and B.) for now.

Later on the ‘legal’ part won’t matter…

After the current cluster fuck collapses the ancient rules will return to the fore and under the ancient rules, the people are the law.

You’ll ‘vote’ with your war cry and attack anyone or anything your leaders ‘demonize’.

This is why ‘Tea Party’ nation is so disturbing…they’ve already demonstrated their willingness to ‘attack on command’ when ordered to by known liars.

Yup good citizen, this is a ‘two-edged’ sword…and both sides will think they’re, er, ‘right’.

Sadly, it ALWAYS comes down to this.

The most recent example of this phenomenon in Western Civilization is ‘the terror’ of the French Revolution…where the ‘elite’ were rounded up and executed, wholesale.

It is plenty disturbing that we find ourselves at this identical junction once again such a short time later…

And this time ‘the elite’ believes they are going to ‘win’!

Of course, that could be just ‘Let them eat cake’ bravado…

Time will tell good citizen.

‘The numbers’ don’t favor them, so maybe they think flushing the whole species down the drain will achieve what their everlasting treachery has failed to do…

While it is truly better to die on your feet than to live on your knees, conservative ‘thinking’ (such as it is) goes along similar lines to that of Satan…Better to rule in Hell than to serve in Heaven!

AND THAT is what we’re up against!

Now what side are you on?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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