Thursday, October 7, 2010

'Stealing Home'

Greetings good citizen,

Although few would purposefully draw your attention to the relationships (government often being referred to as a ‘noble’ or ‘civic-minded’ calling rather than the ‘referee’ job it really is.)

If we are ever to see anything that even remotely resembles ‘prosperity’ again you have to get your head on straight.

So we start with ‘the rules’:

All economies are LOCAL, bar none!

Commerce exists to enrich society (not just the owners of commerce!)

Government exists to ensure things are properly managed.

3 basic principles; that’s all it takes to put civilization ‘back on track’.

Sadly, there are some ‘definition deficiencies’ that could be problematic.

Local means local…so being in the same ‘solar system’ doesn’t count.

Society means everybody; not the ‘Bill Gates walks into the room’ effect…so ‘on paper’ everybody is richer…

And ‘properly managed’ means ‘effective distribution’ and not ‘maximized profits’.

There are other ways to ‘twist’ the above definitions but neither of us has all day to bat this ball until it no longer bounces.

No, there is a much more disturbing ball to bounce around, it’s the ‘what kind of fuckhead do you take me for?’ ball.

Let’s shift our attention to the ‘storehouse of value’ for a moment, shall we?

The USA is the number 1 economy in the whole world (based on consumption.)

The media never tires of marveling over how much crap we ‘consume’ (although ‘waste’ is probably closer to the mark.)

I forget the actual statistics but you’ve heard it all before…we make up just two percent of the world’s population and we consume some twenty percent of the world’s output…something like that.

With that as a given, this fuckin’ shithole is along way from being El Dorado, baby!

Being the world’s ‘dumping ground’ makes this the world’s biggest DUMP!

You see, it really is all in how you look at it!

So the relentless cheerleaders of expansion without end want you to believe that we are ‘number one’; just don’t pay any attention to which finger they use to signify this exalted position…

Anyway, we’re ‘top of the heap’ and because of this our ‘storehouse of value’ is also, er, ‘top of the heap’ too.

But is it really?

Our money is (supposedly) worth the difference between what we produce and what we consume.

Well, we know we are the world’s most prodigious consumers but are we really the world’s most prodigious producers?

Hard to believe considering what the unemployment rate looks like, isn’t it?

Worse good citizen, 40% of all people counted as ‘employed’ only work part time…so we are not just ‘good’, we must be fucking ‘great!’

Or we are really, really, really gullible…

Which one do you think it is?

So, how much is the buck in your pocket worth now (considering we consume much more than we produce?)

Understand good citizen, this is the same worthless buck you’re being forced to jump through hoops for…which should make you ask ‘what the fuck am I doing?’

I’m an ‘older’ guy and I’ve seen a lot of changes in my time.

The ‘trend’ that started when I was just a kid has almost reached its final outcome the nation continues to be ‘gutted’ so the wealthy can enslave the net bunch of trusting saps with their credit cards!

This article is from today’s Alternet titled:

19 Mind-Blowing Facts About the Deindustrialization of America

Well, good citizen, you don’t need me to tell you that there is far more than 19 damning facts about how rapacious capitalism has scorched the earth beneath our children’s feet.

Death is too good for these selfish fucks, exile is the only fitting punishment.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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