Monday, October 25, 2010


Greetings good citizen,

I marvel that the (Corporate financed) ‘Party of No’ thinks it can convince the public it will (legitimately) win more seats in both houses of Congress next week.

Who (save the willfully blind) doesn’t know who is responsible for the destruction of our economy?

The ‘Party of No’ loves to trot out their ‘poster boy’ for this (Bill Clinton,) once again ignoring the fact of who was President the first time anyone ever heard the acronym ‘NAFTA’. For those of you too young to remember, the first time anyone EVER muttered the term it came spewing from the mouth of the ‘B’ movie actor (and conservative Saint) Ron Reagan…a whole decade before anybody knew who Bill Clinton was!

Naturally, getting up off of your dead ass and dragging yourself down to polls is merely ‘sleight of hand’…or you’re stupid enough to believe that you live amongst the stupidest people on the planet.

Given what the ‘conservatives’ have done (with no discernable ‘opposition’ from the so-called ‘liberals’) there is no way in hell ANY of them would EVER win elected office again.

They may as well wear warning signs that read: ‘Caution I am a certified mental case, vote for me at your own peril!’

Is there ANYONE who feigns ignorance of what will happen should conservatives win control of either house of congress again?

More disturbing good citizen is the fact that there isn’t a fucking thing we can do about it if the bought and paid for media announces that the ‘fly-over states’ elected conservative legislators.

Why vote then? If only to prove to yourself that the fuckers are lying! You know who you voted for! (I have no love for the worthless, spineless Democrats but I hate their opponents!)

If we are indeed the subjects of ‘government by decree’ then the illusion will not be lifted until somebody ‘catches them in the act’.

As awareness of past, er, ‘unlikely outcomes’ grows it becomes more probable that someone will ‘blow the lid’ off of crooked election manipulation.

Probably my ‘fracture’ that I have more faith in my fellow humans and their reasoning ability than is generally accepted.

How sad is it that the media, through its constant bombardment of the public with manipulated data, has destroyed our faith in one another to make rational decisions?

It is not a question of whether or not YOU believe the lying government statistics, it is your acceptance that others believe it that damns you!

This is your ‘free speech’ in action. This is where liars can’t be held responsible for the damage they do to the public trust because it is their ‘right’ to lie.

In this respect, ‘free speech’ without regard for the truth is not a ‘right’ at all, it is a curse!

Ironically, the ‘liars’ are very careful with their ‘mis-representations’, they are scrupulous in reporting their findings; the lie is contained in how they measured the data.

So as you head for the polls on November 2nd (and you SHOULD vote,) consider your predicament…here you are, ‘trapped’ in a land run by oligarchs where you are of no benefit to their ongoing well-being.

You (and by extension, yours) have gone from the asset column to the liability column…and this was a conscious decision made by the ‘manipulators’ of money.

Sadly, this means (eventually) you and yours will suffer the fate of all useless, redundant, obsolete things…you’ll be left to rot.

Once you’ve ‘rotted’, you will be ‘disposed of’.

Nothing personal, it’s just that they have no use for you.

Repeat that to yourself and ask if this is what you signed up for?

Now confront the fact that there is no place to run, no place to hide.

You have one choice and it’s pretty daunting…

Are you up to the job? (Because ‘dead is dead’ regardless of how you get there!)

Get out and vote…oh and don’t forget to cast a ballot or two while you’re at it!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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