Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Conservative Logic...

Greetings good citizen,

Let’s put ‘oblivion’ on hold for the time being (it will be here soon enough.)

Which is not to say we are going to put a stop to ‘crazy talk’ because there’s plenty of that masquerading as ‘sane commentary’ in the MSM.

Let’s start with our ‘usual’ dose of schizophrenia, shall we? As recently as Yesterday the markets tacked on almost 200 points. This was ‘attributed to’ the (barely perceptible) ‘uptick’ in service sector employment. A mere few hundredths of a single percent good citizen and our stock markets went absolutely NUTS!

So what’s the ‘buzz’ today? Retailers project that they won’t be hiring much seasonal help this year…somewhat reinforcing predictions of yet another ‘poor’ holiday season.

Needless to say the markets are ‘flat’ on this news…

So what the hell was yesterday all about?

Truth be told good citizen, if it weren’t for the activity of the big trading desks themselves, the stock market would be ‘flat-line’.

Moving on, I read some conservative pundit who was bemoaning the expiration of the Bush Tax Cuts, like making the rich even richer has done such wonders for the US economy! WTF is wrong with these people?

Don’t they understand that NO AMOUNT of money is going to make the US more attractive to invest in as long as the ‘cheaper elsewhere’ fiction persists?

Apparently, nothing goes up top…which is sort of a ‘hallmark’ of conservatism.

Well, here we have another fine example of bullet proof conservative logic…

Sadly good citizen, this brings us to the chicken or the egg conundrum.

What the fuck is the point of extending more credit when people can’t pay for what they’ve already borrowed?

You know what endless ‘rolling’ leads to don’t you? It leads to debt that will NEVER be repaid!

It turns the ‘fuck you, pay me’ scheme into just the ‘fuck you (stupid)’ part.

If you’re dumb enough to let me keep ‘rolling over’ my debt, I’m never going to pay you!

THAT’S what the ‘oughts’ were about!

Guess what the ‘only way out’ is?

That's right, Jubilee!

Cuz, bizarrely, if you ‘prosecuted’ all of the people who took advantage of the situation (a situation that shouldn’t have been created in the first place.) You would also be able to address your ‘surplus population problem at the same time…except who is going to build (never mind pay for) all of those prisons?

Are you beginning to see the ‘scope’ of the problem good citizen?

This is ‘mis-management’ writ large, nay ‘writ colossal’!

Who ever ‘approved’ this wanted, nay, WAS BEGGING FOR a crisis!

(One can only assume the ‘infamous they’ arrived at the same conclusion their ideological opponents reached long ago; there is no way to use capitalism to ‘save’ capitalism.)

So they faced their second choice, to serve in heaven or to rule over hell?

Sadly, they have chosen the latter.

I’ll stop here because I promised not to go there at the beginning of this piece…

It is curious how many of our thought experiments conclude in ‘oblivion’.

If you thought the ride had been ‘interesting’ up ‘til now, wait!

It’s going to get a lot more than ‘interesting’…trust me!

Some of these pieces are surprisingly short but there really isn’t anything else useful to say on the subject other than to point out the obvious, that ‘conservative logic’ is an oxymoron.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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