Sunday, October 31, 2010

If there is a 'landslide'...

Greetings good citizen,

Here we are on the eve of a, er, ‘historic’ election, one that the ‘party of no’ is, er, ‘screaming’ will change the face of politics in the USA.

I’d posit that ‘change’ took place a few decades ago. What is really ‘new’ about the ‘Tea Party’?

The (fucking) republicans have been ‘de-funding’ government (via tax breaks for the wealthy) for the past forty years, What’s this ‘Tea Party’ Bullshit? How does making the rich, richer help anything?

The very definition of INSANITY is doing the same thing repeatedly, each time expecting a different outcome.

As we have all suspected If there is a Republican/Tea Party landslide on Tuesday… it will be more than ‘miraculous’

Tea Party Patriots has claimed anywhere from 2,300 to nearly 3,000 local affiliates, but even with its assistance, The Post could only verify a total of only 647 Tea Party groups nationwide. Most had fewer than 50 members. The median amount of money each group had raised in 2010 was $800, nowhere near the entry fee for the country club.

647 X 50 = 32,350 [Nation-fucking-wide!]

Now if we take that one step further and add in the likelihood that a majority of ‘Tea Partiers’ are also ‘registered Republicans’ we’d end up with some portion of our 1 in 5 voters that admit to being ‘psycho’ er, Republican. (Now that ‘conservatism’ has been proven to be a certified ‘mental disorder’.)

But naturally, we have bigger fish to fry…

Also from today’s NY Times editorials is this pointless rant that merely serves to belabor the obvious.

Is it just me or does it appear that no matter where you look, the fucking capitalists don’t have any solutions to offer?

If this isn’t bad enough, Mr. ‘Flat Earth’ (the billionaire, gone green) continues to beat Western capitalism bloody with its own creations.

Is it really ‘Morning in India’ so soon after the sun has set on the USA? One thing is obvious; Mr. Friedman has more cash than brains. He rather astutely ‘shut up’ about the earth being flat once globalization proved to be a bust. Why he’s back to beating that same hobby horse must have more to do with his own stock portfolio than anything useful to continued human civilization.

An THAT good citizen is yet another piece of a much larger hell.

People looking to escape prosecution for their crimes against society have thrown our whole civilization under the bus.

Will the ‘Day of Reckoning’ ever come?

It will for some and they will wail the loudest about those who were allowed to escape.

So here’s the ‘strategy’ (whether you like it or not.)

Vote the Dems a ‘no fucking excuses super majority’, then see what they do.

If we fail at this we will continue to suffer the ‘opposition effect’. Shit will continue to go the ‘wrong’ way and the opposition will keep getting blamed.

If there is no ‘opposition’ THEY CAN’T do as they please!

Sadly, we can’t do this with the ‘worthless’ Republicans…they ‘don’t believe’ in government so they ‘can’t govern’. (This has boiled down to a ‘refusal’ to act in the public’s interest, which they sell as being in the public’s interest!)

As feeble as this is, it is also our best short term solution.

Get to the polls, you know what lever to pull (box to check or whatever you do where you vote.)

Even if you want to ‘punish’ the Democrats, removing their ‘opposition’ and watching them squirm will be far more 'satisfying!'

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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