Monday, October 4, 2010

What Time is it?

Greetings good citizen,

The economy continues to shrink while the media pretends this is a perfectly natural outcome of a, er, ‘recession’ (I’m firmly in the Depression camp, believing that we ain’t seen nothing yet!)

The ‘more with less’ economy has left tens of millions of us ‘stranded’ up ‘shit creek without a paddle’.

There is a disturbing tendency to attribute this phenomenon to ‘overpopulation’ but if you don’t live in a war zone/disaster area, you aren’t starving (yet.)

Since ‘newsworthiness’ is determined by rich capitalists, we do not know for a fact what the ‘food security’ situation is globally, although it should be alarming that the number of people on ‘food assistance’ continues to climb here in the ‘you can only white-wash it so much’ USA.

Since the whole world is ‘nominally’ capitalist it wouldn’t do to point out the economic misery the ‘fuck you, pay me’ model usually fosters.

The ‘owners’ of the media want you to believe that everything capitalism touches turns to gold (if you can’t afford gold it’s not the capitalist’s problem, it’s yours!)

If we look back over the past two hundred years (a period the current oligarchy was cementing its authority over the rest of us.) The ‘owners’ prospered while everyone else sought ‘happiness’ under an increasingly heavier boot heel.

Which is to point out that what we are currently experiencing isn’t ‘new’; it merely took a couple of centuries to arrive at its inevitable conclusion.

What changed? We finally overran the ‘price/user’ balance. (Actually this is untrue, what we’re witnessing now is actually an ‘artificial’ crisis created to head off a pending disaster.)

As you know, that ‘pending disaster’ is ‘Peak Energy’ and it is closer than any of you imagine…although we are far from ‘out’…out isn’t the problem; enough to ‘go around’ is.

This is the unstated/unspecified part of the ‘Peak Oil/Energy’ debate. It is not the ‘availability’ that is going to screw our entire social model, there will still be plenty of oil long after only a few can afford it.

Sort of puts the situation in a new perspective, doesn’t it?

Here you’ve been, fearful of the ‘brawl’ that will break out over the last few million barrels of oil. Never realizing there will be plenty of oil around, the problem will be you won’t be able to afford it!

Understand the situation: once energy becomes ‘scarce’ our (their) social model stops working!

Instead of adopting a new social model, the cock-suckers have chosen to exercise ‘social Darwinism’. The self-centered fucks are going to ‘shrink’ civilization to fit the new reality.

IDEALLY, a whole bunch of you now redundant and over fifty would off yourselves, saving the self-appointed ‘worthwhile people’ the trouble of killing you.

Understand this means accusing YOU of being a ‘TERRORIST’.

Who knew the size of your bank account would be the determining factor in whether or not you and yours were allowed to live?

The real puzzle here is ‘what the fuck are the cops thinking?’

It is they who will be ordered to execute the terrorists.

Best friend or not, if he murders my kid he’s a dead man!

Respect and friendship only extend so far…and our self-professed ‘betters’ seldom ‘fraternize’ with ‘the hired help’.

This is why the inexplicable return of ‘mercenary forces’ is so worrisome. Most of them are foreigners who have few qualms about murdering Gringos.

Worse, most of them would take particular pleasure in murdering Gringos in police uniforms…

Not that our ‘betters’ are particularly fussed about that…so long as their precious asses are covered (by, ironically, Blackwater.)

Naturally good citizen, this whole explanation sounds nuttier than a squirrel poo BUT, and this should scare the pants right off of you, it also makes sense!

The ‘new normal’ doesn’t have a place for you.

The question is whether or not you are going to do something about it before it is too late?

Sadly, the catch here is ‘what’? If I tell you what needs doing, it becomes ‘sedition’ so we aren’t going there.

There are indeed some things you need to figure out on your own.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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