Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Greetings good citizen,

In an ‘unusual’ combination, both gold AND the stock market are rallying strongly today, leaving us to wonder what the fuck the ‘tiny’ uptick in service sector employment really means?

You know the service sector pays shit; these are menial jobs that are mostly part-time. Our economy is not ‘saved’ because the service sector expanded by a few hundredths of a percentage point, yet Wall Street is acting like we have just witnessed the ‘second coming’!

Worse, these assholes are supposed to be ‘on top of things’…why the fuck are they buying (probably their own) stocks when the private investor is headed for the exits?

Understand, gold is a ‘safe haven’ bet. You only ‘buy’ (nearly $1,400 an ounce) gold when you need to ‘park’ your money somewhere. Remember, gold shot up to $800 an ounce back in the 80’s…but it didn’t stay there.

Which is to point out that ‘parking’ your money in gold is still plenty risky but apparently less so than watching it erode to nothing while the stock markets climb irrationally.

Which is to ask whether or not the stock markets are rising or if we are really witnessing the ‘value’ of the dollar sinking like a rock?

Because that is the only ‘rational explanation’…stocks are rising because the dollar is falling. Worse, it also explains the sudden ‘surge’ in gold sales…

And there ain’t a fucking thing you can (legally) do about it!

It is during times like these that ‘hyper-inflation’ takes hold as people ‘race’ to trade their ‘trash’ (cash) for ‘treasure’ (useful items priced in dollars.)

The ‘squeeze’ I pointed to yesterday is ‘on’. Just in time for ‘the winter of our discontent’.

I predict right here and now that this will be a very different nation come Spring.

I will refrain from going into specifics at this time beyond saying it will start with a whimper and build to a roar.

There will be an ‘eye-opening’ event that will galvanize the public as to just how serious our situation has become…and it will be ‘game on’ from there.

You know I’m not ‘psychic’. I’ve made dire predictions in the past that didn’t happen so I’m just shooting my opinionated mouth off (again.)

My point is you can only juggle so many balls for so long before somebody somewhere ‘fucks up’ in a way that can’t be ‘spun’.

Worse, even the ‘spin’ looks bad.

Sure, you’ll convince those who don’t want to accept how rotten things are with barely credible ‘spin’ but their numbers are dwindling with each passing day. Give the public just one piece of concrete evidence that you can’t spin away and let the royal fuckaree begin!

You gotta give these guys credit though, so far they have managed to spin their way out of some pretty tight spots…but that was mostly because people weren’t as suspicious as they are today.

Pretty soon that ‘get out of jail free’ card is gonna expire and then the fun will begin.

Every act of ‘retaliation’ against the ‘insurgents’ will require increasing amounts of spin until public sympathy for the rebels overwhelms the ‘official government position’.

Which is to point out that there is a downside lying to the public. Do it often enough and you loose credibility.

So, how many of you believe the ‘Great Recession’ ended last summer?

Worse, how many of you believe the Great Recession started in 1980?

See what I mean? (If you were there you know this is true!)

Well, what goes around, come around good citizen and you don’t need me to tell you that.

The bad news is the damage is already done. It is not possible to ‘fix’ it without discarding the old, corrupt system and replacing it with a new one.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,



  1. well might this be an indication of things to come


  2. There has been quite a flap over this as well as the 'lesson' it offers. If your house catches on fire, make sure you rescue your gun!

    Sort of redefines 'chutzpah', to turn up at the scene of a fire and just stand there.

    Just wait until the 'Chief' shows up, plant one between his eyes and I think the rest will take the hint.