Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The mists of history...

Greetings good citizen,

Like money, the ‘origins’ of capitalism are murky and hidden in the mists of time and history.

I have neither the time nor the inclination to determine with any authority if the entity credited in this article titled Peak Capitalism was the ‘first’ multinational corporation or if it was indeed the mother of all corporations; because it is neither here nor there.

I suspect most would agree where it all started isn’t nearly as crucial as where it is all heading.

I find the article very enlightening from the respect of its ‘implications’ for larger society. It is easy to see that society has not been ‘managed’ for the benefit of (all) humanity for a very long time…why nobody thinks this is peculiar is the disturbing part.

In fact, I find it particularly disturbing that there aren’t more writers asking the kind of questions you will regularly find here…

Different drummer aside, we are all living pretty much the same existence with pretty much the same set of experiences, so why is nobody else complaining?

Perhaps it is the conundrum of ‘genius’…Einstein was astonished to learn that most people didn’t think in ‘pictures’ like he did. Perhaps this is the same phenomenon, what is ‘obvious’ to me has been successfully indoctrinated out of you.

Because most of us no longer ‘buy the lie’ that is ‘representative democracy’ better known as government by those who can pay for it, for the rest of us.

YOU surrender your ‘right to decide’ to someone who will make decisions in your name without ever consulting you.

Now we stand on the brink of losing even that little ‘veneer’ of ‘participation’ because we know it isn’t worth the effort.

Should we be ‘upset’ that our vote will soon be, er, ‘denied’ to us or should we secretly be thankful that we have finally been forced to confront the truth?

Voting for others to vote for us is WORSE than not voting at all!

One need only look at the all of the poverty that this has created to see how well that has worked over the past two-hundred and thirty years…

We hold these truths to be ‘self-evident’…but like people themselves, apparently some truths are more evident than others...

Worse is the level of rejection one receives when you propose that we return the decision making process back to where is belongs, in the hands of those who must live with the consequences of their actions (or inaction, it works both ways.)

Bizarrely, from the time you were old enough to comprehend, others have made decisions for you. What isn’t adequately explained is they do this in preparation for the day when you will have to make decisions on your own!

Understandably, it is much ‘easier’ to have someone else decide ‘for you’. All you have to do is comply. It is also ‘easy’ to convince yourself that the decider is ‘in tune’ with you, that they would decide pretty much the same way you would so it’s no big deal…

BUT, the decider gets to determine a lot of things you never even get to look at or consider…and Shazam, you’re stuck with the ‘consequences of those decisions’ (while he or his successors have ‘excused’ him from being prosecuted for his ‘official acts’.)

Understand good citizen, YOU have been RAPED and LOOTED while the perps accomplices simply turned their heads like nothing happened…and then they presented you with the ‘bill’ for what was stolen.

About that bill…it isn’t really a demand for payment so much as it is a list of the destruction that was done to our civilization.

The truly disturbing part is the damage is ‘global’, there is no place you can go to escape the carnage. (Which might explain why so many legislators/superrich have bought ‘floating palaces’ recently…)

Like the author of the article points out, corporations are the foundation for ‘legalized plunder’. If we as a species are to protect ourselves from the ‘pirates’ (who would kill us all) we MUST reform civilization and hunt down the predators before they exterminate us.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


PS. I am fully aware that the posts are ‘trespassing’ on the ‘incredible’ BUT there is ample historical evidence for this and worse, so don’t be so quick as to dismiss this as ‘speculative fancy’…

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