Friday, October 29, 2010

Be Afraid...

Greetings good citizen,

We are about to find out just how badly broken our political process is.

There is no reason in the world to hand ‘victory’ to the, er, ‘party’ responsible for our broken economy, none whatsoever and yet you already know they won’t ‘lose’ the upcoming mid-terms.

We ‘know’ that because we’ve been told repeatedly by the bought and paid for MSM just how ‘strongly’ the ‘Tea Party’ conservatives have been ‘polling’…like we all haven’t asked ourselves just who (if anyone) was ever polled?

Be afraid, be very afraid good citizen!

What’s the ‘worst case’ scenario we’re looking at here? The Democrats lose a couple of seats in both houses but still retain, er, (slender) ‘majorities’ in both so the next (and last) two years of the Obama administration will go like the previous two have…’political gridlock’ will reign supreme.

IF the conservatives score a political upset and win back one or both houses of Congress you will see rioting/major social unrest sweep the nation.

People are already ‘suspicious’ of the thinly disguised corporate ‘vampire squid’ that is running this nation.

Face it, ‘one in five’ does NOT win elections, even when half of voters stay home!

Yet it happens all the time!

So you heard it here first. The, er, ‘conservatives’ will NOT retake either house of Congress (because they have already proven it is ‘unnecessary’, the Democrats take their marching orders from the same people the Republicans do.)

And the next two years will be ‘indistinguishable’ from the past two.

I have predicted in the past that the last election would be the ‘last’ one…and I’m standing by that prediction because it is unfathomable that ‘anyone’ (in their right mind) would run for the job of being the head ‘sock puppet’.

I can think of a few ‘entertainers’ who would do it for the right price now that the whole purpose of holding elections has been permanently undermined.

This is a cup of coffee that few have gotten an eye-opening sniff of. The last election proves conclusively that it doesn’t matter who you vote for if they all take their marching orders from the ‘same people’.

So the ‘mid-terms’ will change what? It will only make continued Republican ‘opposition’ more, er, ‘credible’ as we inch closer to full-blown Banana Republicdom.

Naturally this isn’t what any of us, er, ‘signed up’ for, but hell, this is precisely what happens when your ‘choices’ are made for you…

When do you get to ‘make some choices’ of your own?

You’ll get to vote with your gun as soon as you realize you’re screwed no matter what you do. (But there’s still a chance you can save your kids…)

Because that’s what it’s all coming down to…there will be those with guns and those who don’t…and you don’t want to be in the ‘don’t’ column.

Shifting ‘mental gears’ (haven’t done THAT in a while) here we come to the question of What should you ‘sacrifice’ to land a new job?

Bizarrely, this question is somewhat ass-backwards because it has finally become an issue of at what point is it ‘worthwhile’ to sell your time to an employer?

If the commute makes the trip back and forth to work, er, ‘nonsensical’ then accepting the job is a non-starter.

If the pay doesn’t ‘crack your nut’ (or relies on overtime to reach that goal) you’re probably ‘fucked’ as it is.

Understandably, looking for a job that offers a ‘future’ has become an exercise in futility if you’re not the owner’s progeny…

Ironically, many people don’t, ‘analyze’ what they’re being offered against what they ‘need’ which leaves people stranded in jobs that only dig the hole deeper.

Have I mentioned that there is no way out of this pickle using capitalism?


The BAD NEWS is we’re stuck dealing with this self-serving system until it is, er, ‘eradicated’…

Hey, things look bleak but that only serves to re-enforce the point of ‘what have you got to lose (except your chains?)

While the (real) ‘opposition’ has yet to be organized, it will form in due time. The thing to be cautious of is the ‘fake’ opposition like the flaky ‘Tea Partiers’ (these people haven’t got a clue what they’re fighting, never mind fighting for!)

A Simple Plan…look for me when the time comes, I’ll be out there as I’m one of the few who doesn’t need a gun to defend themselves…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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