Sunday, July 1, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

Having just browsed the Sunday paper I can’t help but wonder what the rest of the newspaper reading community thinks of the state of our society?

Understand good citizen, the ‘engine’ of the US economy seized solid after they ran out of suckers willing to buy synthetic credit derivatives for ridiculous terms.

US GDP now consists entirely of raw materials and food exports.

Looking for a bright spot on the economic horizon?

Have a gander:
Want to know what the job of the future looks like? Go to the gym. Phillip Hoskins did, but not to work out. He went to find clients, and to join the ranks of personal trainers, one of the fastest-growing American occupations.

“I knew I didn’t want a desk job,” said Mr. Hoskins, of Louisville, Ky., who became a personal trainer after being let go, after 17 years, from a middle-management position at a car repair shop in December. “I’m pretty fit for 51 years old, and I knew I could do something with that.”

Once stereotyped as the domain of bodybuilders and gym devotees, personal training is drawing the educated and uneducated; the young and old; men and women; the newly graduated, the recently laid-off and the long retired.

Cogitate on that for a moment while we ponder the other ‘clue’ accidentally dropped into this piece.

Mr. Hoskins worked as an ‘administrator at a garage’. I’m not sure what that comprises but you can pretty much bet it didn’t involve spinning wrenches and getting muddy from your knees to your eyeballs.

Worse, few and far between are the garages that can afford to have ‘paper shufflers’.

If we look further down the economic shit pipe we would see that the entire automotive service industry is, er, ‘endangered’…poor Mr. Hoskins was just one of the first to go.

Sooner than you think the term ‘mechanic’ will literally be preceded by the word ‘personal’ as ‘driving’ returns to its origins as being a ‘hobby’ of the rich and shameless.

YOU won’t drive, thus will you no longer need the services of a ‘mechanic’.

We aren't far away from a time when they’ll be giving cars away because nobody will be able to afford to fuel them.

BUT they will find the ‘extra energy’ to melt them all down! (Go figure, scrap metal is FOREVER!)

Now take a moment to parse Mr. Hoskins’ defiant, bootstrapping attitude.

He knew he ‘could do’ personal training.

Do you think Mr. Hoskins is ‘making a living’ off of his (count ‘em) TWO paying clients?

These aren’t ‘contracts for life’, let either one of his current employers lose HER job and the first thing to ‘go’ will be Mr. Hoskins.

Besides the ‘could do’ aspect of the job, what do you suppose really motivated a 50 plus year-old man to jump into the ‘self-employment’ arena?

Could it be because nobody else would hire him?

Um, again, you don’t need me to tell you that this whole situation has something nasty about it.

Let us return a moment to yesterday’s post where we examined the, er, ‘idea’ that our civilization is being run by criminals.

Why can’t fellows like Mr. Hoskins find suitable employment?

Could it be because all of the jobs people like Mr. Hoskins is qualified for have been exported to the cheaper there?

Because the problem is NO LONGER limited to people approaching retirement age!

Junior can’t find a summer job at ANY wages and the kids fresh out of college are lamenting their chosen majors due to the fierceness of the competition for even the most obscure job title.

Because there aren’t enough jobs.

And let’s not forget the ‘other shoe’, if there aren’t enough jobs then there isn’t enough ‘free cash’ circulating within this jobless panorama to support an ‘imported economy’.

Is this the result of criminals lining their own pockets or is it our self-professed betters stepping in to teach us a ‘lesson’ about being ‘properly grateful’ to our ‘job creators’?

Actually, does it matter? Not to anyone with half a brain.

The desert is the desert.

Oddly, Discovery channel has a new ‘reality’ show featuring our old friend Flipper (not the extremely intelligent dolphin of the Sixties television show, the ‘Flip this house’ idiots.)

Where, (besides TV Fantasyland) are they going to find buyers for these properties?

Is our memory that far gone that we have already forgotten how badly the most recent episode of buy cheap/sell dear played out?

I mean, maybe they can ‘get away with it’ because it’s ‘entertainment’ but it certainly ISN’T ‘reality’.

Did I mention there are criminals are in charge of our society?

I thought I brought that up recently…

Hello, is anybody out there?

Is this thing on?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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