Thursday, July 5, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

Um, Markets around the globe are bleeding from the eye-sockets yet again as the perpetual game of ‘idiot’s delight’ continues unabated.

Run ‘em up then sell ‘em off. You know somebody’s losing their shirt but again it’s not the ‘paper rich’.

They aren't losing any sleep/money over the ‘controlled gyrations’ of the stock markets.

(A tool mainly used to whip politicians with.)

Irrationally, the markets tank and Joe Six-pack gets pissed at the local pols (thanks to his being indoctrinated by the conservo-whackos!)

Either way, the destruction of our feeble civilization proceeds apace.

More in keeping with recent posts we have this article from Alternet that confirms something we already knew, that Willy Jeff Clinton was a DINO…
The Republican and Democratic Party conventions later this summer will probably witness the mass arrest of many American citizens assembling to exercise their First Amendment rights. Mass arrests accompanied the Republican conventions held in New York in 2004, when 900 people were busted, and in St. Paul in 2008 when 300 were detained, including 30 journalists.

A political convention is designated a National Special Security Event (NSSE), a category of state security originally established by President Clinton through a classified 1998 directive. NSSEs also include the Olympics, the Super Bowl and gatherings of world leaders like the G20 or NATO summits. An event receiving a NSSE designation gives federal and local law enforcement wide discretion, often leading them to treat protesters as potential terrorists and threats to national security.

This attitude was visible in the recent NATO summit held in Chicago at which approximately 70 people were busted over two days, including three for “terrorism,” allegedly planning to fire bomb the Obama campaign headquarters.

These National Special Security Events will soon be declared by local politicians seeking to protect their own sorry ass from the fall-out of their superior’s reckless decision-making.

Now let’s take a moment and look at ‘who’ will have ‘overtime’ dangled under their greedy little noses to work these decidedly dangerous ‘details’.

Yup, we have yet another post centering on the guys in the (increasingly) Black Uniforms.

What is the likely outcome of this?

They (the cops) are going to be ordered to show the demonstrators ‘whose boss’…

And the demonstrators are going to get hurt…some of them will incur thousands of dollars worth of legal fees and still others will be getting close up shots of the assholes who are harassing them…

And that’s the ‘fine line’ there, isn’t it? It’s all fun and games until somebody starts keep track.

Now the original purpose of these tapes will be to press criminal charges against police over-stepping their authority…but what judge is going to convict the very people he relies on for his own personal safety?

No…these tapes will be taken and studied by the relatives of the victims…and then vigilante groups will rise up seeking ‘retribution’.

And remember good citizen, THE PEOPLE ARE THE LAW!

Understand what we have here good citizen, we now have laws that deny you justice while protecting the criminals who enforce the denial of your rights.

And what will be the ‘ultimate outcome’ of this Darwinian stand-off?

The families of these officers will shunned, beaten and humiliated and yes maybe even die out of revenge for the sins of the officer.

“Hey, I was just trying to make a few extra bucks!”

Better think long and hard, cameras are EVERYWHERE!

And don’t think nobody has noticed you don’t wear your name badges to these ‘special affairs’.

If your superiors can’t identify you then who knows who is in the blue suit beside you?

Anyone wearing ‘the badge of injustice’ will have to seek refuge behind the walls of a garrison. It will NOT be safe for their families to live among the ‘general population’.

Not that the > One Percent care about this. They long ago separated themselves from the rabble they loathe so much.

So why would anyone ‘take a bullet’ for a decidedly corrupt government as outlined by this article?

And that’s the second question that should have hit you in the eye when you read about this disturbing development. How much more ‘secret legislation’ is hiding out there, waiting to be sprung on an unsuspecting public?

Where were the conservo-whacko watchdogs when this shit was going down?

More disturbing than a barking dog is one who doesn’t bark when he should!

Worse, is the other ‘imponderable’ here. The > One Percent loathe the very people who produce the wealth they consume so copiously so maybe it’s a ‘love-hate’ thing?

Nobody but a cop likes other cops (and even that is extremely ‘conditional’…)

To the extent that ‘like’ only goes so far.

But I digress,

Let us leave today’s offering with the unanswered questions of what else is lying in wait to be sprung on an unsuspecting and worse, unresisting populace and what will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back?

I find it difficult to imagine what further proof anyone would need of a ‘renegade government’ than the authorization of armed force to protect the criminals raping our civilization!

If this isn’t ‘class war’ then your head is so far up your backside as to be beyond removal, even by surgical means.

Thanks for letting me inside your head, (despite that disturbing final mental image!)


PS. Officers, remember your oath, protect the people, not the criminals!

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