Sunday, July 29, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

The madness persists…and sadly it persists on ALL fronts.

The subject of the video in this link is all fine and well until it is YOU or a loved one being thrown to the ground for ‘walking while Hispanic’.

Worse, the video doesn’t start until the cop goes after the young man who is ultimately arrested. What we don’t know is if there is any truth to the charge of ‘theft of services’ the young man is charged with.
Did you see a bulge in his pants before the NYPD officer put his hands all over him, body slamming him against the wall? By law, to conduct a frisk -- a light pat-down over the clothes -- police must observe a bulge they believe to be a weapon. The officer also appears to reach down into his suspect's pockets, a search that is only legal if the frisk uncovers what the cop at least thinks is a weapon.

The Constitutional apathy begins before the illegal serches, however, with the initial stop. The NYPD can only stop someone they have reasonable suspicion to believe is engaging in criminal activity. Unfortunately, the law is so vague suspicion can include "furtive movements," which apparently Black and Laitno people make a lot of.

While the lawlessness of stop-and-frisk is believed to be widespread, proving an unjust stop or search can be nearly impossible. An article in The New York Times about the young man in the video above, 19-year-old Sean Pagan, reveals the difficulty behind proving police misbehavior without a camera:

Okay, the story goes on to explain the young man in the video had 9 priors…but how many of them were like the one we see here?

There is no obvious ‘bulge’ under his clothing to indicate he was carrying a weapon or stolen goods…in fact he was accused of ‘stealing a ride’ something we’d have to watch the station surveillance video to discover the truth of.

Which begs the question, how did the cop pick this particular individual out of the crowd?

9 priors ‘suggests’ he is a ‘known troublemaker’…so did he bust him on General Principles?

Remember good citizen, the question raised here is what fucking kind of society are WE living in?

Is it one where the cops can grab you for no reason and very intrusively ‘frisk’ you in public because they feel like it…or more succinctly, because they don’t like they way you looked at them?

If the young man in this video were Al Capone do you think we’d see cops body slamming him?

No fucking way. Al would have the cops family murdered while he watched if he so much as laid a finger on him!

So why do the cops treat ordinary citizens like…well, you can bet badge boy doesn’t get that physical even if he’s dealing with animals.

So why does he feel the need to attack a citizen who OBVIOUSLY isn’t resisting. We didn’t see him ‘ask’ the young man to put his hands behind his back, hell, I didn’t see the officer ‘Mirandize’ the alleged ‘thief’.

And if you don’t read him his rights (off the card so you can prove he heard them ‘word for word’) it’s automatically a ‘bad bust’.

The Republicans have already shredded the Constitution and regularly used the Bill of Rights for toilet paper…unless one of their own comes under attack, then they are howling about how ‘big government’ is trampling on ‘their rights’!

Hypocrisy is bad and what we see in this video is the worst variety.

Because it’s only a matter of time until the police are ‘indistinguishable’ from common thugs.

Believe it or not good citizen you DO have rights and one of them is NOT to be Body Slammed because some pin-headed cop THINKS you didn’t pay for a ride on the train!

Under A Simple Plan train rides, along with every other ‘public service’ would be free. The train goes from point A to point B because it does, not because some asshole expects to be paid!

Perhaps the most disturbing part of this whole video is how the, er, ‘officer in question’ went after this obviously unarmed young man, who is also a head shorter and at least fifty pounds lighter.

If it HAD been apparent the young man was ‘packing’, would the officer have gotten away with throwing him ‘up against the wall’ like he does without prelude in the video?

Is the officer STUPID enough to even try it?

Answer…probably not.
Want to see this cop treat this kid with respect? Arm the kid and you’ll see the cop either turn his head completely or start any dealings with a very courteous, ‘Excuse me Sir!’

Which is how this should have been handled in the first place.

This is the price we pay when only ‘criminals’ carry guns (and badges.)

The ‘thugs’ don’t HAVE TO ‘respect you’. You become the unarmed sheep they are paid to ‘herd’.

Seriously, good citizen, it is time to open your eyes to the cesspool we suddenly find ourselves up to our eyeballs in.

The revolt starts TODAY!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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