Friday, July 27, 2012


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The ‘nonsense markets’ are enjoying their second day of what is apparently a global rally. And there isn’t a single news article to explain the irrational rise.

So we have these headlines from today’s NY Times Business section:
U.S. Economy Slowed to a Tepid 1.5% Rate of Growth
By SHAILA DEWAN 1 minute ago

Growth in the second quarter was held back as consumers curbed purchases and factories received fewer orders in the face of a global slowdown and a stronger dollar.

New Figures Put Recession and Recovery in Focus
Global slowdown and a stronger dollar? Geez, what planet have we been living on?

The fucking meatheads at the corporate owned media have been singing ballads about the glorious blue skies of 'recovery' since the beginning of the year!

What’s this ‘strangled consumer purchases stuff’? How dare consumers stop buying four years after the economy ‘corrected’ itself (and not a single fucking thing was done about it!)

Four years of no raises, four years of ZIRP…how dare they?

Who is gonna swat Humpty Dumpty upside the head and tell him to get a fucking clue?

Like the following:
Euro Watch
Spain and Germany Provide Reality Check on Euphoria
By RAPHAEL MINDER and JACK EWING 56 minutes ago

Countering hopes raised by the European Central Bank, Madrid reports even higher unemployment, while Berlin says it still opposes E.C.B. bond buying.

Who do we have to slap in the EU to get them to realize there is NO SOLUTION to the collapsing economic union.

It’s been a field day for the criminals in charge but now it’s broken beyond repair…because it wasn’t set up to be ‘policed’, it was set up to be ‘plundered’, by the very criminals responsible for setting it up (the EU) in the first place.

To belabor the obvious, yes good citizen, the destruction of our civilization proceeds apace.

Our last headline points to a situation that is being thoroughly mis-handled:
Barclays' Profit Falls As New Regulatory Problems Emerge
By MARK SCOTT 13 minutes ago

The problems continue to mount at Barclays, as the British bank disclosed that it was facing a number of lawsuits related to the rate-rigging scandal and that regulators were investigating the company's financial director on a different matter.

What’s this? Criminals at the head of our banking system?

Big fucking surprise, eh?

I know I haven’t said it recently but that doesn’t make it any less true. We could bulldoze the ‘executive offices’ of any company out there and they would likely run BETTER than they currently do!

The grunts in charge of making sure what needs doing gets done don’t need any ‘oversight’, they know what to do.

Our last little link leads to a video clip that should be getting more eyeball time.

When a conservative pundit is asked ‘Where are the jobs created by the Bush Tax cuts?’ her, er, ‘non-reply’ speaks volumes.

Why the corporate owned media likes to ‘pretend’ that the conservo-loonies are singing the U.S.A.’s song is beyond comprehension, never mind reason.

Maybe we should ask Barrack, “where are all of the jobs produced by those tax cuts you refused to rescind?”

Because we know where those jobs went…off-shore…every stinking one of them.

What should be done to the criminals who off-shored those jobs?

What should be done to the criminals who proposed the legislation that enables those jobs to be off-shored profitably?

BOTH are crimes against society, only a self-centered Libertarian would argue otherwise.

It chokes me to see these clueless Republicans fawning over their so-called ‘job creators’ when there is NO SUCH THING!

The > One Percent is a pox on society, criminal frauds who exploit the weaknesses in our justice system for their personal advantage.

Someone needs to ‘step up’, close those voids and bring those criminals to justice.

Problem is the criminals are ‘organized’ and they are dispersed into every aspect of our government.

It’s going to take some mighty strong leadership to ferret the corruption out.

Are YOU up to the job?

For your children’s sake, I certainly hope so.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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