Sunday, July 8, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

How do you rouse a civil population into recognizing that members of their own tribe have conspired to paint you as the enemy?

Worse, in doing so they commit a serious crime but they are not prosecuted for it.

Let us fill in another detail that is at once frightening and ‘enlightening’. These people are the same ones who have stolen for themselves the luxuries that are rightfully ours.

How do we, the ordinary citizen, protect ourselves from the criminally rapacious among us?

Sadly good citizen, I think we all realize that it is more than a little too late to be asking this question…

The irony lies in our collective failure to recognize that the behavior behind these past incidents is mirrored in the behavior of our modern corporate technocrat.

Those of you who had to work on the recent holiday may recognize that:
Those native communities that were most accommodating to the European colonists, such as the peaceful California tribes—the Chilulas, Chimarikos, Urebures, Nipewais and Alonas, along with a hundred other bands—were the first to be destroyed. And while I do not advocate violence, indeed will seek every way to avoid it, I have no intention of accommodating corporate power whether it hides behind the mask of Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. At the same time, I have to acknowledge that resistance may ultimately be in vain. [If it is then you’re doing it wrong!] Yet to resist is to say something about us as human beings. It keeps alive the possibility of hope, even as all empirical evidence points to inevitable destruction. It makes victory, however remote, possible. And it makes life a little more difficult for the ruling class, which satisfies the very human emotion of vengeance.

To paraphrase Yoda, there is no ‘try’ either you DO or you DON’T!

Oh, and PS by the way, I’m don’t give a DAMN about ‘making a statement’ regarding ‘human virtue’.


Often decried as one of the ‘renegade philosophers’ of the past, here are some words of wisdom the rest of us would be wise to heed considering our current circumstances:
“Whenever the legislators endeavor to take away and destroy the property of the people, or to reduce them to slavery under arbitrary power,” wrote the philosopher John Locke, “they put themselves into a state of war with the people who are there upon absolved from any further obedience.”

Let me clarify this statement for you. You, the hapless wage slave, have no choice but to do as you’re told or lose EVERYTHING you’ve worked your entire life to build.

When the same people who put you in this position decide they can get what you do done cheaper somewhere else, they end your employment and chuck you out on the street.

End of story, what happens next is up to you.

What you SHOULD do is go back and burn the fucking dump to the ground, but you won’t because the ‘trail’ that leads back to you is still a bit too ‘fresh’ for you to claim ‘not me!’

Same thing happens when year after year and you don’t get a pay increase. (Or the raise you do get is immediately taken away by an increase in insurance premiums or the price of food or energy rises.)

This has been going on for three DECADES, and all the while the fuckwads have been crying about how bad the economy is!

Their prices go up but your pay doesn’t…their expenses fall but your paycheck remains frozen solid…although the ‘big guy’ has upgraded his ride, instead of a new Caddy he drives a new Mercedes now.

And you’re paying twice what you used to pay for health insurance ten years ago…now take that and spread it over how many employees the company has.

You’re not talking ‘chicken feed’ here, are you.

Understand good citizen, the big ‘change’ the difference between now and 1929 was back then we were still a largely ‘agrarian’ culture. Most people still had a relative who had a substantial farm. Worse come to worse, you could go there and work the farm for your ‘keep’.

These days, after Grampa Joe sold the farm to developers, you (being the grandchild) got nothing!

Your folks may have parlayed their meager inheritance into a condo in Miami (which they just recently lost their shirts on!) leaving YOU Zike!

Again you got nothin’!

And ‘The Grinch’ don’t care. If you aren’t evil enough to go out there and steal what you need for yourself…the Grinch don’t care about you or ‘your problems’.

And it is precisely this, er, ‘predatory’ behavior that is decimating the institution of ‘civilization’.

If you can’t trust the next guy then it is impossible to even form a civilization.

Perhaps now you can see why I, er, ‘opine’ that we are doomed if we fail to weed out the ‘unscrupulous’ among us.

Naturally, being this close to it, it is easy to see the ‘slippery slope’ that leads ahead.

How do we tell the scrupulous from the unscrupulous?

And all I can point to is 'deeds not words.'

The truth lies not in what they say but what they DO!

Illustration aside, I agree with the final point of this article.

Time to ‘get Crazy’

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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