Wednesday, July 25, 2012

They KNOW!

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Seems those who recklessly mismanage our very survival are in line for another stiff slap upside the head.

Who though it was a good idea locate the BULK of our animal feed production on the DESERT SIDE of the fucking continent?

They (oddly) don’t teach this in school but the dynamic holds true around the globe. WEST = Desert and EAST = Rainforest

So why do you suppose this is happening?
Food Prices to Rise in Wake of Severe Drought
By RON NIXON 1 minute ago

The Agriculture Department said the cost of beef would increase the most, up to 5 percent, because of the weather and rising costs for animal feed.

This is going to turn into one hell of a ‘How do you do?’ as it will hit during ‘Heat or eat’ season!

And poverty is on the rise across the nation, never mind the rest of the, er, ‘Western World’.

Those ‘wildfires’ the corporate owned media portrays as accidents or ‘natural events’ are in fact a by-product of a long running ‘war in the West’ and most of what is grown west of the Mississippi is ‘feed’ for livestock (and the grains for our daily bread.)

The bulk of food production is actually located in the southeast…because of this dynamic I mention above.

Chalk up one for the Vegans while the People Eating Tasty Animals crowd gets socked in the wallet again!

In yet another sign that the financial markets are more fucked up than we have been led to believe, we have this headline:
Ford Profit Falls Despite North American Growth

While the North American business performed well, the automaker reported a loss in Europe and now expects to lose more than $1 billion there this year.

Unfamiliar Problem in China: Unsold Cars 9:23 AM ET

Sales grow but your profits fall…what do you suppose causes that? It looks like somebody is ‘giving the product away’ because otherwise their customers would let them rot on the lot.

Yet one more by-product of the Global Race to the Bottom!

The cash register don’t tell no lies…as we see in our next headline:
Euro Watch
Signs of Deepening Downturn Multiply in Europe

As Spanish borrowing costs continued to rise, Britain reported that its second recession in three years was growing worse and the outlook for the German economy deteriorated.
Ben S. Bernanke, the Federal Reserve chairman, testified last week before a House financial services panel.

Geez, you don’t suppose the ‘worsening condition’ they are experiencing over in the Eurozone have anything to do with customers being too cash strapped to support the economy, do you?

And what do you suppose is behind this headline?
Fed Leaning Closer to New Stimulus if No Growth Is Seen

A growing number of officials have concluded that the Federal Reserve needs to expand its stimulus campaign unless the economy soon shows signs of improvement.

Thus far the Fed’s ‘stimulus program has consisted of various ‘cash for trash’ programs aimed exclusively at the banking sector.

More alarmingly is the government program to extend unemployment benefits for two years.

Tell me they don’t know what their ‘masters’ are up to?

Imagine the pickle we’d be in if they DIDN’T take such an extreme measure? The economy would have flat-lined months ago and food riots would be a regular occurrence.

So don’t delude yourself into thinking they don’t know what’s going on, they know!

Take a gander at the, er, ‘disclaimer’ before our last headline:

William C. Dudley, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. In the wake of the crisis years, the New York Fed has beefed up oversight.

New York Fed Faces Questions Over Policing Wall Street

While the regulator has revamped its approach to overseeing the nation’s biggest banks since the crisis, recent black eyes suggest that fundamental problems persist.

Naturally, our modern ‘lawmakers’ are not interested in ‘correcting’ our badly broken economy because the ‘peasants’ (read you and me) aren’t looking to put heads on pikestaffs outside the city gates.

Um, the down side comes from people who are, er, ‘dissatisfied’ with the current set-up quickly find themselves on the outside looking in.

We are rapidly approaching the hundred million mark of people classified as ‘unemployable’…and we aren’t dying nearly fast enough to let this become the ‘new status quo’.

Why aren’t our, er, ‘elected officials’ interested in, er, ‘rehabilitating’ our financial system?

Inaction is intolerable…how soon will we reach the ‘tipping point’?

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