Friday, July 13, 2012

Last Call!

Greetings good citizen,

The day is hardly over and things could turn back around but it must be getting close to last call if the stock markets of the world are any indication.

And all of them ‘dogs’ have miraculously become ‘foxes’ again.

Go figure…

And while you’re pondering the imponderable we have yet another ‘book review’ serving as an editorial on the state of our civilization

The following snippet comes from just after the intro to this story which explains how it was spawned by the Twilight Saga:
Invisible Handcuffs

This has been coming for some time. Ever since the Reagan era, from the factory to the office tower, the American workplace has been morphing for many into a tightly-managed torture chamber of exploitation and domination. Bosses strut about making stupid commands. Employees trapped by ridiculous bureaucratic procedures censor themselves for fear of getting a pink slip. Inefficiencies are everywhere. Bad management and draconian policies prop up the system of command and control where the boss is God and the workers are so many expendable units in the great capitalist machine. The iron handmaidens of high unemployment and economic inequality keep the show going.

How did this happen? Economists known as “free-market fundamentalists” who claim Adam Smith as their forefather like to paint a picture of the economy as a voluntary system magically guided by an “invisible hand” toward outcomes that are good for most people. They tell us that our economy is a system of equal exchanges between workers and employers in which everybody who does her part is respected and comes out ahead.

Something has obviously gone horribly wrong with the contract. Thieving CEOs get mega-yachts while hard-working Americans get stagnant wages, crappy healthcare, climate change, and unrelenting insecurity. Human potential is wasted, initiative punished and creativity starved.

Again we find ourselves wondering (and if you aren’t you should be) just who these Democratic Replacements really are.

First they pick a lame, Ayn Rand inspired pseudo horror story as a ‘mirror’ of our society when the truth is far more horrific.

And I will again remind you that you won’t end up with the right outcome if you aren’t fighting the right battle.

We ain’t fighting vampires or zombies here. While the ‘enemy’ is indeed ‘soul-less’, it is not ‘supernatural’ nor is it ‘independent’…as the antagonist in the book is (or claims to be.)

(If I’m not totally goofy here, the girl is the ‘protagonist’, the ‘villain here is the ‘anti-hero’. But some twisted people would be inclined to reverse the two…)

But who is who is unimportant, it is the circumstances we need to pay attention to.

Let’s start with the ‘pauperization’ of the workforce.

Prices go up but your paycheck doesn’t…and there’s no place you can go to correct this situation.

(The age-old solution to stagnant income has been to get a ‘better’ job, but these days those jobs are being shipped overseas wholesale.)

In most cases, the shiftless boss knows he’s got you over a barrel.

Hell, he could fire half of you and force the survivors to pick up the slack (and if they couldn’t, he’d fire and replace them too!)

It’s the old ‘more with less’ situation…the sad part of this arrangement is it’s YOU who end up dealing with the ‘less’ part of this proposition.

YOU get ‘less’ pay for more work.

And again Mr. Boss-man is ready to show you the door if you don’t ‘like’ this situation.

Worse, the asshole honestly believes YOU’RE ‘overpaid’.

Now, he isn’t about to make you wear a ‘butt-plug’ to extract ‘more value’ from what he’s paying you…but he is equally disinclined to shower you with gifts even if you have agreed to be his private meat puppet on the side.

Because he has YOU over a barrel.

He holds what you ‘need’ hostage. (For this he should be hung…but we aren’t up to that part yet.)

In the future it will be a crime to hold anyone’s job hostage. In the future, your job (a.k.a. ‘the ability to support yourself’) will be one of your rights!

Yes, good citizen, we need a new definition of the word ‘criminal’.

Because many things that are (wrongly) ‘celebrated’ today should be crimes against humanity.

And if we succeed, they will be!

But I digress.

It all comes down to ‘choices’, good citizen.

The circumstances we live our lives under are of our own choosing…to a degree.

The criminals among us have, er, ‘tilted the playing field’ to their advantage, it is up to us to tilt it back…forcibly. (It is no longer a question of ‘necessity’, it must be done!)

Nobody can live in an economic desert (which our politicians did nothing to prevent!) and now it is up to us to correct this situation!

[Sidebar: the bulk of my readers are from outside the US and this advice applies to them as well…]

YOU must break the monopolist’s grip on the global economy and restore ‘local’ balance if you or your children are to ever experience ‘prosperity’ again!

2012 is as good a time as any…and what comes next promises to be more ‘draconian’ than anything we’ve seen thus far…which is more horrific than any horror novel!

The part you SHOULD BE marveling over is how our politicians flaunt our well-being with impunity!

Corruption is not a ‘game’, it’s a DISEASE and we must eradicate it!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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