Friday, July 20, 2012

Parasite known as Wall Street

Greetings good citizen,

This morning the markets gave back everything they gained yesterday and then some. Just like the goofy oil situation, oil has ‘rebounded’ back to $ 90 a barrel and the price per gallon has jumped back up to $ 3.50 a gallon…leaving us with the conundrum of why we could buy gas for $ 3.30 a gallon when oil was at $105 a barrel?

Vagaries of the market…riiiiight!

It doesn’t have to make sense, they charge us what they charge us because they can…

And it will really suck when they sock it to us this winter when we will have to choose between staying warm and starving to death.

Makes me predict a lot of ‘bonfires’ come the onset of cold weather this year…

But I’m projecting… winter is still a ways off yet…thankfully.

Let me clue you in to why I find the price hike in the cost of fuel so disturbing. Back in the late Seventies, you simply couldn’t get gas, there wasn’t any.

Now, in a time where billionaires are suddenly a ‘dime a dozen’, fuel is three times the price, but you can get all you want!

Worse, this brings us full circle to a phenomenon more commonly called ‘kill off’. We could also refer to it by it’s legal name where it is called ‘genocide’.
The mantra of both candidates is, “Jobs, jobs, jobs.” What they leave out is that, because they are unwilling to confront the power of Wall Street and the Pentagon, job growth in America now depends on driving labor costs lower loser and lower to attract business investment. This is the heart of the leveraged-buy out system that Romney offers to bring to the White House. And when Barack Obama cites an expanded GE plant in Kentucky as an example of the rebound of private sector jobs, the press release does not mention that workers who used to make $22 an hour are now making $14.

None of this is a secret to most of our governing class. Certainly, the CEOs and their major shareholders know it. Their economists know it. So do all but the most hopelessly ideological of policymakers. But acknowledging where future living standards are heading would require our political leaders to offer remedies that are unacceptable to Wall Street and the military-industrial complex. Safer not to look into the economic abyss and trust in good old American optimism.

Neither does the public want to stare too hard into the future. Majorities think that the next generation is going to be worse off, but they expect that they, personally, and their kids will be okay. So, while they might agree with the points made by the Wall Street Occupiers, it’s not worth the effort to join the protest. A PEW poll last fall reported that by a margin of 63-21 Americans believed that, “although there may be bad times every now and then, America will always continue to be prosperous and make economic progress.”

Often these polls leave you wondering just who the heck they asked to come up with such a distorted point of view. Are people seriously answering this way because they fear the NSA will mark them as potential terrorists if they speak the truth?

But we again digress.

With the Presidential elections coming up and the extremely disturbing prospect of ‘more of the same’ (regardless of which one you vote for) coming up, one begins to feel like a rat in a trap.

A trap with no place to go.

What will we do, good citizen?

The economy won’t improve, period, until the criminals are weeded out of the financial system and all avenues of investment are closed to speculation.

(Yes Virginia, that means shutting down Wall Street.)

Perhaps the best analogy I can offer is that of a parasite that has grown so large it is now starving it’s host to death.

That’s where Wall Street is today. It’s where Wall Street has been for the past decade. It can only ‘grow’ artificially, there’s no room in the real economy for further expansion!

How do we fix this good citizen?

Those whose livelihoods depend on the financial markets WANT YOU TO BELIEVE you can’t ‘save the host’ while destroying the parasite.

The parasite has been very good to them, they don’t want to see it harmed.

Which is to point out that those who don’t want to see the parasite go ARE THE PARASITES!

And these same ‘parasites’ are setting up to KILL you and yours.

(Make the mental loop back to the price and availability of fuel.)

Again I ask, ‘how do we fix this when neither candidate has displayed the slightest understanding of the problem(s) facing our civilization?

And the oligarchs want the bulk of us dead, no questions.

You can’t interpret the current set up any other way.

And don’t I look like a dipstick for pointing it out?

The time for a ‘huddle’ is drawing near…only everything we say or post is being monitored, and you can bet there will be more than a few ‘tattle-tales’ at any meeting larger than a handful of people.

But the road ahead is an obvious ‘dead end’.

We can’t go forward and we certainly can’t back up.

The only thing for certain is it’s always a bad time for a war.

But I personally think it is unavoidable.

If we don’t fight then we’re all gonna die.

And I don’t want that to happen either.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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