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Greetings good citizen,

It’s been quite some time since I’ve had the chance to, er, ‘borrow’ an article from Ilargi

I have ‘mused aloud’ in the past about how our current circumstances closely resemble what it would look like if criminals hijacked the government.

Well, apparently Ilargi has gone one step better:
Over the past few days, Henry Blodget at Business Insider posted a number of graphs, here and here, which depict something about the US economy that everybody knows to some extent or another, but that most of us won't have let thoroughly sink in. For some because the consequences are too opaque, for others because they are too scary. But make no mistake: we can only continue to ignore or misinterpret them at our own peril. And even then it's terribly late in the game.

The essence of Blodget's argument is this:

"... over the past 30 years, we've generated about $1 of economic growth for every $3 we've borrowed."

So while real (inflation-adjusted) GDP growth looks sort of strong over the past 6 decades:

This, as you can see, cuts you off just when things are starting to get interesting.

I strongly recommend that you click through and read the whole article or you can stay here while I provide you with my own ‘take’ on what Ilargi is pointing at.

The first, er, sticking point I see is the question as to whether or not a criminal organization has the ‘sophistication’ necessary to, er, ‘capture’ the justice department, not just of its native country, but all over the globe!

Naturally, the ‘weak link’ is the legislators themselves. If the criminals could keep raising the bar for re-election they would own them in a very short time indeed. How could they ‘raise the bar’? By monopolistic control of the media and the pricing power that monopoly would provide them.

Now they have a ‘legislature’ packed with ‘their people’.

Who does the justice department ‘answer to’…the legislature!

Soon the Justice department is packed with ‘their people’ as well!

And understand, this ONLY works under a ‘for profit’ commerce model! If we had a ‘truly independent’ media, they would be unable to pull this off.

(Drives my brother-in-law crazy to read the pronoun ‘they’ in the press but in this case the offensive word refers to the criminals that have hijacked our nation, so when you see the word ‘they’, you can mentally insert the word ‘criminal’, ‘kay?)

Um, sophistication? Not so much. Daring? Well it’s pretty bold but again it falls short of genuine chutzpah. The clever part was dismantling legislation intended to prevent exactly this sort of thing from happening…and NOBODY lifted a finger to stop it!

Part of the ‘charm’ (attractiveness, for want of a better term) of such a crime is the unbeleivability of pulling such a thing off.

Not that it can’t be done…no, no, there have been criminals and criminal minds involved from the very beginning as far as government is concerned.

In fact, by examining government operations, the genius lies in how deliberately the government systems AREN’T ‘self-policing’.

The ‘air tight’ compartmentalization lends itself perfectly to a criminal operation…a phenomenon that has often been pointed out but is commonly ‘mis-identified’ as ‘territorialism’ within a given department.

Then there is the ‘lack of prosecution’ (often for blatantly criminal behavior such as murder by drone with the resultant unnecessary loss of life.)

How does a ‘just’ government ‘overlook’ these serious breaches of the human social contract?

Ironically, it doesn’t.

You breach the ‘primary social contract’ at immense personal peril.

Eventually your own people will see how you roll and they’ll murder you for it! And if your criminal co-conspirators don’t get you, the voiceless masses will take the situation into their own hands.

Just as bad as murder by remote control is the practice of ‘disappearing’ people without judicial recourse.

Let me use my tiny soapbox to ask where are the so-called ‘progressives’ that have remained ‘mute’ on the subject of the suspension of Habeas Corpus?

Well, if the (stacked) Supreme Court is okay with it, I guess there’s nothing we can say about it.
Well fuck you!

Here is truly a situation where an injury to one is an injury to all.

But fear not, good citizen. The end of this reckless disregard for your fellow man is drawing to a close.

The criminals have shown themselves for who and what they are.

They have declared war upon us and they shall have it!

Let the bodies hit the floor!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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