Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pigs & Ducks III

Greetings good citizen,

News of the collapse of our civilization has now reached the corporate owned media, just to give you an idea of how far gone the situation is.

Observe this headline plucked from this morning’s business section:
Economic Scene
The Spreading Scourge of Corporate Corruption

The misconduct of the financial industry no longer surprises most Americans, and trust in big business overall is declining. We should be alarmed.

DealBook: Assessing the Chances for Criminal Charges

“Eddie” is correct, you’d have to search far and wide to find someone this news, er, ‘shocks’.

We’re all used to it by now.

Worse, we also read what the ‘infamous they’ are prepared to do about it if any of us should call them on their decidedly criminal behavior.

Don’t gather in large ‘unarmed’ groups, you’re just making it easier for the Drones.

We all know our ‘civil disobedience’ will be punished far more severely than how their criminal actions will be dealt with…

Which brings us to the last line in today’s offering.

What do you think the chances are of ‘justice’ being done?

The consensus is ‘slim to none’.

All the have to do is claim ‘everybody is doing it’ and they’ll get off with a slap on the wrist and a chicken feed sized fine.

That’s what blows most people’s mind…who said Crime doesn’t pay? Steal a billion and they ‘fine’ you a couple of million! (But you get to keep the billion…and you ‘walk’!)


Um, good thing there aren’t billions just laying around waiting to be stolen or everybody would be doing it!

Sure beats the bag out of busting your ass every day for a paycheck you can’t live on!

But stealing billions isn’t an ‘everyman’ sort of crime, is it?

You need to be born into that kind of money, Making the crime that much more heinous.

Bobo is already ‘rich’ (comparatively speaking) but he’s ‘light-fingered’ anyway.

What do you do with a wealthy criminal?

I recommend (public) hanging but hey, I’m not a judge.

They used to hang criminals publicly for its ‘deterrent’ value…although I doubt it actually entered the criminal’s mind that THEY’D ever get caught (especially the ‘privileged criminal’.)

All they have to do is whisper the magic word and all charges against them are ‘dropped’, hell, go high enough and all traces that they were even suspected of a crime vanish as well.

But that’s not how it works for YOU.

If they want you bad enough (depending on how desperate they are for a scapegoat) you’re going down even if you’ve never stolen so much as a paperclip in your entire life!

Given those two ‘constants’ good citizen, what do you suppose the prospects are that anyone will be ‘prosecuted’ for robbing investors?

Isn’t the first test ‘how can they tell?’

Of course I am referring to how there is no ‘rational basis’ for determining the value of a given stock…but if we take that to the next level there also isn’t a rational basis for determining the value of money either!

It’s all a matter of ‘opinion’.

And somehow the opinion of the weirdo has prevailed lately.

Which is why nobody is ‘surprised’ that our entire system of commerce is ‘untrustworthy’.

But fear not good citizen, barter is making a strong come back!

Soon you will be able to trade ‘directly’ for your wants and needs, so you’ll know right then and there EXACTLY what you’ve got.

If you have nothing of ‘value’ to trade then you won’t be able to buy or sell.

And that’s going to kick the shit out of the ‘fuck you, pay me’ supply line.

They won’t be able to ‘re-supply’ if they are unable to pay for their inputs ‘in kind’.

When the bottom falls out beneath money it will be because of its original failing…nobody knows the answer to the question of how many ducks equal a pig…or how many pigs equal a duck (If the pigs are small and the ducks are large!)

Leading us back to our original conundrum.

If a pig is a pig and a duck is a duck then why isn’t a buck a buck?

(Because bankers are corrupt…)

Thanks for letting me insider your head,


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