Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Martial Law

Greetings good citizen,

You know I sometimes complain about how this nation is ‘turning into’ a Banana Republic.

On further diagnosis, we’re already there!
How America Became a Country That Lets Little Kids Go Homeless
Family homelessness essentially did not exist until the 1980s. And the financial crisis has made the problem massively worse.

Here's what happened to a family Nilan met in Florida. The parents both worked at restaurants in New Orleans, but Hurricane Katrina wiped out their jobs and their home and sent them to Nashville. When "the floods came back and upended them again," they asked their 8-year-old daughter where she wanted to go. "Disney World!" she said. Not a bad idea, they figured, since tourist traps are filled with restaurants where they could find jobs. But when they got there they couldn't find steady work (Orlando has an 8.7 percent unemployment rate). Sometimes the mom had a job, sometimes the dad did. Mostly the jobs were part-time and temporary. To make ends meet, Nilan says, they rented one of the beds in their motel room to a 53-year-old homeless vet. DIY homeless shelter.

Sure, the headline is dramatic and it could be worse…suppose the infamous they took the message of this headline to heart and decided to give these kids a roof over their heads…but just the kids.

Let the parents twist in the wind…

How many of you would let social services take your kids because YOU couldn’t find a job (at any wage?)

Which is to point out that we don’t just suffer from a ‘broken society’ we have a broken civilization on our hands!

So it’s collapse should be considered a ‘net positive’.

The problem, as we are all well aware is how the evil fucks who run things now plan on being the same ones who run things after this clusterfuck does a face plant in the dirt.

And THAT ‘will not do’.

And the struggle to insure that doesn’t happen is what will cause the largest loss of life during the ‘transition’.

Left to you imagination is what we will transition to?

Will the current oligarchy give way to monarchy or will it be something more ‘Orwellian’ in nature. A place with no rules so the term ‘lawbreaker’ can be determined on an ‘as need’ basis?

Um, just so you know, your TV set is already watching YOU. What remains unclear is if it is listening to you too.

If they can rig it so the set will transmit an image while/when it appears to be off or if a remote viewer can see in while you’re watching (a neater trick than you might imagine) it is entirely reasonable to assume they can hear you as well.

Not that it makes a difference. The big danger here is the casual observer’s inability to distinguish the ‘authenticity’ of what they’re seeing.

Or worse, to grasp the context within why the observed person is in an ‘agitated’ state.

To ‘prosecute’ much of what they observe the laws would have to be modified. If we enter into a state of Martial Law this step would immediately become ‘moot’.

Under Martial Law all legal ‘protections’ are automatically ‘suspended’.

The thing to fret about is whether or not they’d even bother to inform you that Martial Law had been declared.

Nothing says they have to tell you.

And today it would be near impossible to tell!

Just one more little factoid that should disturb you deeply.

We may well be under Martial Law right now and not even know it.

And what a woeful thing it will be to learn that your rights have been ‘suspended’ at the same time they arrest you for ‘suspicion’ of (fill in the blank.)

So what kind of society lets small children live in the streets?

One that is centered on the Haves and the Have Mores!

The Reagan Revolution (also known as the corporate hijacking of the US government) has ushered in some decidedly draconian changes in our society.

If we fail to launch an immediate counter-revolt, our children are doomed.

How’s that for putting a ‘fine point’ on things?

Don’t think the danger is ‘eminent’?

Think again.

Kids living in the streets are just the tip of a massive iceberg.

We need change and we need it NOW!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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