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Happy Saturday (to those of you who still have jobs.) Funny how the final symptoms of the death spiral have put the job situation front and center as our civilization dies.

More interesting is how the, er, Alternative Press has suddenly embraced (half) of the solution I have been promoting since this whole fiasco started back in 2008.

[The idea of a reduced workweek, and idea that needs to be coupled with ‘free’ housing in order to work. You can’t reduce hours without reducing expenses!]

Um, I confess to not even clicking on the link to the article so I don’t know if the practical side of this proposal was even addressed.

It can be done BUT it will deprive the renegade bankers of their reason for existing, which is why it WON’T be done!

Or, perhaps it will, but you already know YOU can’t survive forty hours of expenses on fifteen hours of pay.

Maybe that’s how they plan to corral us all into debtor’s prison when they re-introduce outright slavery…

Which brings us to another question that has likely evaded most people’s awareness; WTF happened to OWS?
It's unfair to blame Sage, who claims he was "born in a mental hospital". Virtually every occupation was beset by the same types, though New York seemed to have a surplus. Nonetheless, one seasoned Occupy organizer, by way of the Middle East, does blame the wayward behavior of a minority for "destroying Occupy as a functioning entity". He claims after the eviction of the Zuccotti Park occupation last November, there would be meetings of up to 300 people groping for a path going forward, but constant disruptions would "suck the energy out of the room".

The Middle East organizer mentioned that in Tahrir Square; Egyptians would surround provocateurs and disrupters (both of the voluntary and involuntary kind) chase them out of the square. If they came back, then a beating was in order. He said, "While it's a different political culture, the Egyptians and Syrians have had to deal with people shooting them from windows. Occupy Wall Street couldn't even deal with a few crazies."

That moment in Franklin Square encapsulated why Occupy Wall Street crumbled. It was not – and still is not – able to negotiate between conflicting rights. Occupy's child-like view of politics – how consensus and participatory democracy will free the angels within every one of us – was a big reason for its success because it offered a palpable alternative to our cynical, acquisitive society. Yet it apparently hasn't dawned on the hive mind that it is impossible to satisfy all rights, every time, everywhere.

One minute they were everywhere, the next the cops are dragging them away and the media is pretending like they never existed.

The last paragraph contains the stark truth, the movement that took the nation by storm last year lost the publics attention when it was discovered that it stood for ‘nothing’.

How sweetly innocent to protest unfairness without putting even the slightest effort into defining what specifically was ‘unfair’.

An executive pulling down 300 times what the lowest paid worker gets is deemed ‘unfair’…so how about 299 times? Are we all good now?

While OWS ‘nominally supported’ the general issues of the day, their failure to take a stand made them irrelevant.

They were reduced to being just so much ‘noise’ in an already noisy environment that most of us had tuned out of already anyway.

Do we really need a protest movement that stands for nothing?

Isn’t the major malfunction around here an over abundance of shaking heads and clueless shrugs?

We all KNOW ‘what’s wrong’. What we need is someone willing to DO SOMETHING about it!

[How disappointing is it that electing 'Mr. Change' netted us nothing either?]

And as you have seen, ‘protesting’ gets us absolutely no where.

Well, it gets you an arrest record and a place on a government watch list that’s going to come up and bite you on the ass when you least expect it…(like when you find out you need organ replacement surgery.)

More vexing is how we have an over abundance of people willing to do THE WRONG thing about our current pressing problems.

What should truly amaze you is how these people manage to land national media attention for themselves.

Whatever happened to ‘the public trust’?

You don’t need a lot of imagination to figure out that the powers that be are more interested in ‘covering their tracks’ in any way possible…so the public trust can go twist in the wind!

Yeah, so OWS was ‘conspicuous in its absence’ from any 4th of July ceremonies.

I am inclined to think that the ‘leaderless’ movement was a failed attempt at ‘manufacturing blind protest’.

It was set up as an avenue of protest where one could speak their mind, get it off their chest and then SHUT UP AND GO AWAY!

Ironically, OWS started to turn violent…right around the same time the cops started shutting them down wholesale (also violently.)

IF the police DIDN’T ‘get ahead’ of the violent protests they would have spread like wildfire.

Now the, er, ‘Authorities’ are afraid to let OWS ‘re-assemble’.

Because the situation has gotten worse since last fall and NOTHING has been done (outside the busting up of the OWS movement) to remedy the now out of control economic desert.

Since Occupy Wall Street didn’t, maybe it’s time somebody should…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


PS: Occupying Wall Street was always a ‘bad’ idea. From a ‘tactical’ point of view, occupying anything is a bad idea because you end up making (yourself) an easy target.

We aren’t going to ‘win’ this thing by getting ourselves killed off, er, ‘stupidly’.

Think for a moment just who is ‘influencing the public’ with bad propaganda and figuring out a way to squelch the lie machine would be as good a place to start as any.

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