Monday, July 2, 2012

All Opposed

Greetings good citizen,

After a butt-kickin’ Friday the markets lack the confidence to advance even further…but, equally as interesting, they haven’t ‘cashed in’ on Friday’s irrational run up either.

Ironically, it’s all the same to the ‘paper rich’ but for the rest of us it is not so much
Across America, freaked-out employees are coping with sweat-drenched nights and heart-pounding days. They’re reaching for the Xanax and piling on the work of two or three people. They’re running the risk of short-term collapse and long-term disease.

The hell created by three grinding years of 8 percent-plus unemployment brings us plenty of stories of what people suffer when they lose their jobs. But what about the untold millions who live in chronic fear that tomorrow’s paycheck will be their last?

Research shows that the purgatory of job insecurity may be even worse for you than unemployment. And it's turning the American Dream into a sleepwalking nightmare. From young temporary workers to middle-aged career veterans, Americans are being pushed to their physical and psychological limits in what has the makings of a major national public health crisis.

Those of us who, er, ‘depend’ on what could kindly be termed as (in conservo-speak) ‘the kindness of strangers’ often find themselves deeply concerned about the stranger deciding they no longer need our services.

Just ask any of the TENS OF MILLIONS of ‘homeless’ out there what happens when the ‘stranger’ no longer requires your particular ‘expertise’…

And trust me good citizen, homelessness is just the beginning!

Let us, if you will, ‘marry’ the onus of being unable to support yourself (or your family) with the totally counter-intuitive meme that the conservatives keep on winning
Have you ever wondered why it is that Progressives repeatedly lose ground in American politics? We almost always have the facts on our side. The experts agree with us. Hell, a lot of us are the experts. And yet history clearly shows that Conservatives have the best political game in town. They dominate political discourse, establishing which frames shape the most important issues of the day. Their values associated with rugged individualism, mass consumption, and a contempt for civil society are blasted at the American public through massive media outlets that they have acquired and built up over the last several decades. And when the global economy melts down as a direct result of their economic and fiscal policies, who gets blamed? In a word, liberals.

What’s going on here? Why is it that Conservatives are so good at winning and Progressives produce a lackluster resistance at best? The answer comes from a fundamental insight from evolutionary biology. Stated simply, it goes like this:

When two groups compete, the one with the most social cohesion wins in the long run.

This insight arises from research on group selection that reveals how social animals capable of working as a team readily out compete those individuals who must struggle on their own. The astute observer will already note the profound irony here — a political group whose ideology elevates the individual over the group (Conservatives) has managed to cultivate more group cohesion than the political group whose ideology blends community well-being with that of the individual. I’ll come back to this irony in a moment.

Because the ‘minority’ party of the >One Percent happens to OWN the fucking media, it is the ONLY reason we are told (ceaselessly) that our nation is ‘divided’.

And it is ‘divided’…80-20.

Yes, good citizen, a full 19+ percent of the population ‘mis-identifies’ itself as being part of the > One Percent.

So where do these turkeys get off telling the rest of us that a full half of us support what amounts to economic suicide?

Because they can.

Impossible? You can bet the Germans thought so too.

Look at what the Nazis regularly got away with right under the average German citizen’s nose and compare it to what our current government is pulling now.

Extra-judicial murder, concentration camps, disappearances…under these circumstances, good citizen, no-one is ‘safe’.

But our second article makes a very succinct point, the, er, ‘alleged opposition’ can’t seem to actually oppose any of these things.

Which tells us what, good citizen?

That there is no genuine ‘opposition’ to the criminal regime that has taken over this nation’s (nuclear armed) government.

More disturbing is the fact that the US is the largest nuclear power in the world…(not that ‘overkill’ means much once the damn button is pushed.)

We can only wonder to what extent the US nuclear arsenal was used to ‘extort’ the governments of the rest of the world into ‘compliance’ with the capitalist agenda?

Sort of brings to mind the old saw about being careful of what one wishes for…because you just might get it.

The greed-heads wished for universal capitalism and destroyed the global economy in the process, now the myopic bastards have no clue how to fix the disaster they created.

Nor are they willing to surrender any of their ill-gotten gains…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,



  1. I have been reading your posts on and off for quite a while now, and even have your old site still on my bookmarks list. I say this not to ingratiate myself to you, but to thank you. It can be helpful when I see so much pain and suffering in the world, to realize that there is at least one other person out there who knows that it isn't necessary. We don't have to force people to live their lives in crushing misery, but yet we do.

    I have tried to help people myself, but see how limited my resources are, and the small scale I can affect. I just don't know what to do. I can't stand seeing people crushed under the boot heel of those with so much money and so little compassion. I see the spark of creativity as it is rent out of the people I love, as their vitality is sapped away by the millstone of this society. I can't stand it anymore.

    Regardless of my personal feelings, I just want to thank you. Thanks for writing, thanks for caring, and thanks for sticking this out so long. You will always have a place inside my head.

  2. Thank you Z, you have just made years of virtual silence from my audience 'worth it'.

    If I have, er, 'influenced' even one person then there is hope for us all.

    You sound a little 'down' (and it is an understandably 'depressing' situation) so I would ask you to hold on a while longer, the, er, 'end' of this masquerade is near.